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> A Level English Language H470/01 Exploring language Practice Paper – Set 1. RATED A+

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Answer all the questions in this paper. Section A – Language under the microscope You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this section. Read Text A in your Resource Booklet and answer the fo... llowing questions. 1 Giving careful consideration to the context of the text: (a) identify and analyse patterns of lexical and semantic use. [10] (b) identify and analyse the way sentences are constructed. [10] Section B – Writing about a topical language issue You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section. 2 ‘When we use language, we are mostly just copying other people.’ Write a blog post for an online news service (e.g. Buzzfeed or a newspaper or magazine) or for a personal website (e.g. one belonging to a writer or comedian like Caitlin Moran or Stephen Fry). You can explore the idea of imitation from any angle which you think is linguistically interesting and which will engage a reasonably well educated non-specialist audience. It should be no more than 500 words long. [24 [Show More]

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