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NURSING 2262 RN VATI Adult Medical Surgical 2019 Question And Answers TOP SCORE

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RN VATI Adult Medical Surgical 2019 Question 90 loaded rationals provided CLOSE Question: 90 of 90 A nurse is caring for a client who has atopic dermatitis and a prescription for triamcinolone oint me... nt. The nurse should assess the client to monitor for which of the following adverse effects? Increased pigmentation Topical glucocorticoid therapy can cause the adverse effect of hypopigmentation. Localized hair loss Long-term glucocorticoid therapy can cause hypertrichosis, or excessive hair growth, especially on the facial area. Thinning of the skin MY ANSWER Thinning of the skin and delayed healing are adverse effects of topical glucocorticoid preparations. The client should only apply the ointment to dry patches of the skin because topical steroids can cause atrophy of the dermis and epidermis, which can result in thinning of the skin. Increased sensitivity to the sun The nurse should instruct the client to avoid excessive sun exposure when taking topical fluticasone; however, triamcinolone ointment does not cause photosensitivity.  RN VATI Adult Medical Surgical 2019 CLOSE Question 89 loaded rationals provided Question: [Show More]

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