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Which of the following questions is the student investigating? Correct Ans ~ What effect do different concentration of solute have on freezing point Which of the following body systems breaks ... down protein into Amino Acids? Correct Ans ~ Digestive Which structure in male reproductive system secretes fluid and protects sperm? Correct Ans ~ Prostate Gland Which of the following describes the function of a Neuron? Correct Ans ~ Transmits Sensory Information Which occurs during Thermoregulation to Increase body temperature Correct Ans ~ Body shivers Which of the following hormones increases the heart rate in response to stress? Correct Ans ~ Epinephrine Which of the following cells has the ability to engulf other cells? Correct Ans ~ Macrophages While playing Basketball, a player injures her achilles tendon? Which tissue is injured? Correct Ans ~ Connective Tissue NAD+2e- + H+----> NADH which describes the reaction above? Correct Ans ~ Reduction of NAD Which of the following processes causes most of the carbon dioxide from the to move into Alveoli? Correct Ans ~ Diffusion Where does Aerobic Respiration occur? Correct Ans ~ mitochondria Which of the following is the Sphincter muscle that regulates movement of Chyme? Correct Ans ~ Pyloric Sphincter Blood clotting involves Which of the following? Correct Ans ~ Fibrinogen Which of the following types of membrane is associated with the skin? Correct Ans ~ Cutaneous Which of the following types of bonds link base pair Nucleotide within a double strand of DNA? Correct Ans ~ Hydrogen Which of the following occurs when the Diaphragm contracts? Correct Ans ~ Thoracic Cavity Increases In Volume Which of the following structures is severed and tied off as part of Vasectomy Procedure? Correct Ans ~ Vas Deferens Which of the following chemicals is released by one type of immune cell to directly activate another type of immune cell? Correct Ans ~ Cytokines Which of the following portions of the neuron transmits Neurotransmitter? Correct Ans ~ Axon Which of the following organic compounds are used to Manufacture Steroid hormones in the body? Correct Ans ~ Cholesterol The system of interconnected tubes involved in protein production is? Correct Ans ~ Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Which of the following correctly shows the order in which the filtrate moves through the structures of the nephron? Correct Ans ~ Proximal, loop, distal, collecting What is Homeostasis? Correct Ans ~ Self-Regulating process by which an organism tends to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions If damages occur to the Alveoli of the lungs, which of the following is true? Correct Ans ~ Blood would not return from lungs to the heart Which of the following statements best supports the hypothesis that the virus can cause cancer? Correct Ans ~ Genes that regulate cells division are found in some viruses The flow rate of gas through a tube is proportional to the diameter of which human respiratory system does it flow fastest? Correct Ans ~ Trachea Genetic Information describing characteristics of organisms is found in? Correct Ans ~ Nuclei Which protects Ultraviolet Radiation Correct Ans ~ Melanin Red Bone Marrow? Correct Ans ~ Found in Flat bone and produces all elements When you are breathing normally exhalation results mainly from? Correct Ans ~ Relaxation of chest and diaphragm Which organ filters excess solutes from blood? Correct Ans ~ Kidney [Show More]

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