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TNCC 8th Edition (A GRADED AND REVIEWED 2022)Questions And Answers.

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The trauma nurse knows that placing a bariatric patient in a "ramped position" provides better visualization during the insertion of which device? endotracheal tube Tearing of the bridging veins... is most frequently associated with which brain injury? subdural hematoma 00:02 01:17 A patient is found lying on the floor after falling 13 hours ago. Which of the following laboratory values is expected with a musculoskeletal complication associated with this presentation? Elevated creatine kinase A patient is brought to the emergency department of a rural hospital following a high-speed motor vehicle collision. When significant abdominal and pelvic injuries are noted in the primary survey, which of the following is the priority intervention? Initiate transfer to a trauma center Which of the following injuries is LEAST likely to be promptly identified? bowel Which of the following patients warrants referral to a burn center? A 52-year-old diabetic male with a partial-thickness burn to the left lower leg A patient has been in the emergency department for several hours waiting to be admitted. He sustained multiple rib fractures and a femur fracture after a fall. He has been awake, alert, and complaining of leg pain. His wife reported that he suddenly became anxious and confused. Upon reassessment, the patient is restless, with respiratory distress and petechiae to his neck. The patient is exhibiting signs and symptoms most commonly associated with which of the follow conditions? fat embolism A 36-year old female has a deformity of the left wrist after a fall. She is reluctant to move her hand due to pain. Which of the following is the most appropriate intervention? Apply a splint and elevate the extremity ABOVE the level of the heart A 56-year-old male patient involved in a motor vehicle crash is brought to the emergency department of a rural critical assess facility. He complaints of neck pain, shortness of breath, and diffuse abdominal pain. His Glasgow Coma Score is 15. His vital signs are as follows: BP 98/71 mm Hg, HR 125 beats/minute, RR 26 breaths/minute, SpO2 94% on high-flow oxygen via non-rebreather mask. Which of the follow is the priority intervention for this patient? Expedite transfer to the closest trauma center Which of the following values indicates the need for alcohol withdrawal interventions? CIWA-Ar of 36 A trauma patient is en route to a rural emergency department. Radiology notifies the charge nurse that the computed tomography (CT) scanner will be out of service for several hours. The team gathers to plan accordingly. Which of the following terms best describes this trauma team's communication? huddle A patient with a complete spinal cord injury in neurogenic shock will demonstrate hypotension and which other clinical signs? Bradycardia and absent motor function below the level of injury [Show More]

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TNCC 8th Edition (A GRADED AND REVIEWED 2022)Questions And Answers. and TNCC 8th Edition 2022 with Complete Solution

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