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TNCC 8th edition 2022 Questions and Answers

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The major cause of preventable death after injury Uncontrolled hemorrhage The best measure of the adequacy of cellular perfusion and helps to predict the outcome of resuscitation Base deficit ... 00:06 01:17 Examples of primary blast injuries Blast lung, ruptured tympanic membrane, TBI, abdominal hemorrhage Examples of secondary blast injuries Wounds from debris and bomb fragments Examples of tertiary blast injuries Blunt or penetrating trauma from the body being thrown by the blast Examples of quaternary blast injuries Injuries or illness related to explosion: burns, toxic injury from chemicals Examples of quinary blast injuries Injuries associated with exposure to hazardous materials from the components of the blast Questions to ask for airway assessment (need 4) Is the tongue obstructing? Are there any foreign objects? Is there any edema? Are there loose or missing teeth? Is there snoring, gurgling, or stridor? Is there bony deformity? Is there blood, vomit, or secretions? Questions to ask during breathing assessment. (Need 4) Is there symmetrical chest rise? Is there spontaneous breathing? Is there tracheal deviation or JVD? What is their skin color? Are there open wounds or deformities in the chest? What's the depth, pattern, and rate of respirations? Is there increased work of breathing? Are breath sounds present and equal? 3 ways to assess ETT placement 1. Apply end tidal, assess CO2 after 5-6 breaths 2. Assess for symmetrical chest wall rise and fall 3. Auscultation over the epigastrium for gurgling and bilateral breath sounds. What do you document after placing an ETT? ETT placement at teeth or gums Situations that require a definitive airway GCS 8 or less Apnea Inhalation injury Increased risk of aspiration Anticipate decreased neuro status Severe maxo fractures Laryngeal/tracheal injury [Show More]

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