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Registered Dental Assistant - RDA Exam Questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION

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Registered Dental Assistant - RDA Exam Questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION How many teeth are in the primary dentition - ✔✔20 True or False? During the mixed dentition period, children have both p... rimary and permanent teeth? - ✔✔True How many succedaneous teeth are there? - ✔✔20 The permanent dentition period begins at about 12 years of age when..? - ✔✔The last primary tooth is lost The human mouth is divided into two sections or arches called the? - ✔✔Maxillary Mandibular The mouth can be divided into four sections called: - ✔✔Quadrants The anterior teeth include: - ✔✔Incisors Canines The four types of teeth are: - ✔✔Incisors canines premolars molars what teeth are the longest teeth in the human dentition and are used for cutting and tearing? - ✔✔canines what teeth are used for chewing and grinding food? - ✔✔molars premolars every tooth in the mouth has five surfaces, which are called the: - ✔✔mesial distal facial lingual masticatory (occlusal or incisal)the general principle concerning the countours of the teeth is true for all teeth: The crown of the tooth _________ toward the cervical line. - ✔✔Narrows the area where the mesial or distal surfaces of the tooth touch the adjacent tooth in the arch is the: - ✔✔Contact area the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth when the jaws are in a fully closed position is: - ✔✔occlusion The jaw position that produces maximal stable contact between the occluding surfaces of the maxillary and mandibular teeth is: - ✔✔centric occlusion [Show More]

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