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HESI RN V2 EXIT EXAM 2021 - Study Guide /Most Questions & Answers on your Exam

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HESI RN V2 EXIT EXAM 2021 1. The school nurse is preparing a presentation for an elementary school teacher to inform them about when a child should be referred to the school clinic for further follo... w-up. The teachers should be instructed to report which situations to the school nurse? (Select all that apply) a. Refuses to complete written homework assignments b. Thirst and frequent requests for bathroom breaks c. Bruises on both knees after the weekend 2. When preparing a child for discharge from the hospital following a cystectomy and a urinary diversion to treat bladder cancer, which instruction is most important for the nurse to include in the client’s discharge teaching plan? a. Report any signs of cloudy urine output b. Frequently empty bladder to avoid distention c. Follow instructions for self-care toileting d. Seek counseling for body image [Show More]

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