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1. A nurse manager at a community agency is developing an orientation program for newly hired nurses. When discussing the differences between community-based and community-oriented nursing, the nur... se should include which of the following as examples of community-based nursing? (Select all that apply.) A. A home health nurse performing wound care for a client who is immobile B. An occupational health nurse providing classes on body mechanics at a local industrial plant C. A school nurse teaching a student who has asthma about medications D. A parish nurse teaching class on low-sodium cooking techniques E. A mental health nurse discussing stress management techniques with a support group 2. A nurse is advocating for local community leaders to place a newly approved community health clinic in an area of the city that has fewer resources than other areas. The nurse is advocating for the leaders to uphold which of the following ethical principles? A. distributive justice B. fidelity C. respect for autonomy D. veracity 3. A nurse is preparing an education program on disease transmission for employees at a local day care facility. When discussing the epidemiological triangle, the nurse should include which of the following factors as agents? (select all that apply) A. resource availability B. ethnicity C. toxins D. bacteria E. altered immunity [Show More]

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