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AAPC - Final Exam Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A

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AAPC - Final Exam Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A Local Coverage Determinations are administered by whom? a. State Law b. NCDs c. Each regional MAC d. LMRPs Correct Answer-c. Each r... egional MAC ABN stands for _____. a. Advanced Benefits Notification b. Advisory Beneficial Notice c. Admitting Beneficiary Notice d. Advance Beneficiary Notice Correct Answer-d. Advance Beneficiary Notice What type of health insurance provides coverage for low-income families? a. Commercial HMO b. Medicaid c. Medicare d. Commercial PPO Correct Answer-b. Medicaid Which type of information is NOT maintained in a medical record? a. Treatment outcomes b. Financial records c. Medical or surgical interventions d. Observations Correct Answer-b. Financial records According to the OIG, internal monitoring and auditing should be performed by what means? a. Focused audits on problems brought to the attention of the compliance officer. b. Baseline audits. c. Periodic audits. d. Audits on all denied claims. Correct Answer-c. Periodic audits. Urine is transported from the kidneys to the urinary bladder by which structure? a. Ureter b. Urethra c. Kidney pelvis d. Urinary vein Correct Answer-a. Ureter Which of the following does NOT circulate fluids throughout the body? a. Venous system b. Endocrine system c. Arterial system d. Lymphatic system Correct Answer-b. Endocrine system What is a function of the alveoli in the lungs? a. Oxygen exchange b. Nicotine is destroyed c. Fluid in the lungs absorbed d. Providing an airway to breathe Correct Answer-a. Oxygen exchange Cytopathology is the study of: a. Tissue b. Cells c. Blood d. Organs Correct Answer-b. Cells The meaning of heteropsia (or anisometropia) is: a. Blindness in half the visual field b. Double vision c. Unequal vision in the two eyes d. Blindness in both eyes Correct Answer-c. Unequal vision in the two eyes What is the meaning of provider in the ICD-10-CM guidelines? a. Insurance company b. The hospital c. The physician d. The patient Correct Answer-c. The physician What is the ICD-10-CM code for hay fever? a. J30.1 b. J30.89 c. J30.81 d. J45.909 Correct Answer-a. J30.1 What is the ICD-10-CM code for eyestrain? [Show More]

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