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AHIP Test Review Questions and Answers 2022

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AHIP Test Review Questions and Answers 2022 UNIT 1 Medicare Basics Question 1 Mr. Buck hasseveral family members who died from different cancers. He wants to know if Medicare covers cancer screeni... ng. What should you tell him? a. Medicare covers allscreening tests that have been approved by the FDA on a frequency determined by the treating physician. b.Medicare covers treatments for existing disease, injury, and malformed limbs or body parts. As such, it does not cover any screening tests and these must be paid for by the beneficiary out-of-pocket. c.Medicare covers some screening teststhat must be performed within the first year after enrollment. Beyond that point expenses for screening tests are the responsibility of the beneficiary. d.Medicare covers the periodic performance of a range of screening tests that are meant to provide early detection of disease. Mr. Buck will need to check specific tests before obtaining them to see if they will be covered. Source: Module 1, Slide - Medicare Part B Benefits - Preventive Services and Screenings Question 2 Mr. Schmidt would like to plan for retirement and has asked you what is covered under Original Fee-forService (FFS) Medicare? What could you tell him? a.Part C, which always covers dental and vision services, is covered under Original Medicare. b.Part A, which covers hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, and home health services and Part B, which covers professional services such as those provided by a doctor are covered under Original Medicare. c.Part A, which covers long-term custodial care services, is covered under Original Medicare. d.Part D, which covers prescription drug services, is covered under Original Medicare. Source: Module 1, Slide - Overview of Medicare Benefits and Coverage - Parts A, B, C, and Slide - Overview [Show More]

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