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Defense Acquisition University CON 216 Final Exam Summer 2022 Guide.

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Defense Acquisition University CON 216 Exam Final Summer 2022 Guide. Gino was an employee of Ammo Inc, a major supplier of ammunition to the U.S. Army. Performing research for Ammo, Gino developed a... laser gunsight for the Army’s M-27 automatic rifle. Although Ammo had three Government contracts, the cost of Gino’s research was not allocated directly to any of them. Which of the following represents a correct statement of the parties’ rights in the technical data concerning the gunsight’s development? The Government receives unlimited rights in the data, but neither Ammo nor Gino receive anything more than a limited license, not to exceed five years, to manufacture the gunsight and sell it commercially. The Government is entitled to Government purpose rights, Ammo has the right to take commercial advantage of the idea, and Gino receives no property rights. The Government receives an irrevocable license to manufacture the item, Ammo receives title, and Gino receives a letter of commendation. Gino is obliged to advise both the Government and Ammo about the new gun sight with the Government being entitled to Government Purpose Rights and Ammo having the option to take title to the invention. Gino is obliged to apply for a patent, but must convey title to Ammo once the patent is issued; the Government is entitled to an irrevocable, royalty-free license to use the item. The Government receives no rights in the data unless Ammo decides to give it the data, and, if so, the Government receives the data with any limitation on its rights as determined by Ammo. The Government receives no rights in the data unless Ammo decides to give it the data, but, if the Government does receive any rights in the data, it receives unlimited rights. Assuming both the Government and Ammo have the ability to “reverse engineer” the gun sight, either may manufacture the item as long as Gino has not applied for a patent. Which of the following statements is NOT correct? - The Constitution expressly grants Congress power to interpret the Constitution. CONTINUED [Show More]

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