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NCEA Test Practice What 3 broad characteristics would you expect a NCEA certifed professional to exhibit? - ✔✔The ability to lead or handle a situation, role model behavior, and professionalism.... What is a role model - ✔✔Someone that other skin care professionals would look up to and respect What are 8 role modeling attributes? - ✔✔-Serving the best interest of others -Maintaining client confidentiality, keeping treatment document records, and providing clear, honest communication. -providing clients with clear and realistic goals and outcomes and not making false claims regarding the potential benefits of the techniques rendered or products recommended -adhering to the scope of practice of your profession, and referring clients to the appropriate qualified health practitioner when indicated -offering services only within the scope of practice as defined by the state within which you operate, if required, and in adherence with appropriate federal laws and regulations -understanding new techniques or procedures and obtaining adequate training before performing a treatment on a client - representing state licensure, education, training, qualifications, and abilities honestly - strictly adhering to all usage instructions and guidelines provided by products and equipment manufacturers, provided those guidelines and instructions are within your scope of practice as defined by the state, if required. - will follow, at minimum, infection control practices as defined by their state regulatory agency, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) What are 5 examples of professional behavior? - ✔✔-expert skills and knowledge about skin types, skin conditions, and performing professional treatments. -good judgement that reflects your training and experience by adhering to professional standards -dress and act like a professional -good interpersonal skills -technical advice and professional treatments What are 4 benefits of NCEA membership? - ✔✔-membership to the National Coalition of aestheticians, manufacturers/distributes associations -access to the online directory that will allow you to advertise your service to the area in which you are located -the NETT news letter will be sent to you - ability to purchase certain NCEA materials directly from the NCEA executive office What 4 responsibilities does a NCEA certified professional have? - ✔✔-following NCEA standards -represent NCEA favorably - keep up with NCEA changes - don't allow certification to lapse What 6 actions will NCEA certified professional do as a leader? - ✔✔-commit to ongoing skin care education and provide clients and the public with the most accurate information possible - maintain professional insurance coverage - dress in attire consistent with professional practice and adhere to the code of conduct of your governing board or regulatory agency - maintain first aid, CPR, and AED certifications - maintain NCEA certified status by re certifying every 3 years and stay current on any and all new technologies and treatments - maintain NCEA membership, and obtain 12 CEs approved by Commission on Accreditation which meet requirements for recertification What is anatomy? - ✔✔The study of organs and systems in the body. What is physiology? - ✔✔The study of the functions of the organs and systems. What is histology? - ✔✔The study of the tissues and specifically the cells that work together to perform a specialized function. What is the integumentary system? - ✔✔Composed of the skin (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat) hair, nails, and glands that are for the most part located around the epidermis and dermis. What are 5 layers of the epidermis? - ✔✔-stratum corneum -stratum lucidum -stratum granulosum -stratum spinosum -stratum germinitivum What influences melanin production? - ✔✔Genetics, hormones, and the environment What is found in the dermis? - ✔✔Connective tissue, blood and lymph vessels, nerve fibers, hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands. What is the function of the subcutaneous layer? - ✔✔To serve as a source or reserve energy and as an insulating mechanism. What is the difference between skin type and skin condition? - ✔✔Skin type is what you were born with, skin condition is the state of your skin. List a characteristic is each skin type category - ✔✔Normal skin-balanced moisture content Dry skin-lack of sebum Oily skin- excessive sebum production Combination skin- combination of both dry and oily areas Sensitive skin- sensitive to touch and prone to erythema and irritation What are 3 characters of telangiectasia? - ✔✔-Erythema -permanently displayed superficial vessels -sensitivity to extreme hot and cold temperatures, products, and chemicals How would you identify acne? - ✔✔-Grade 1 (open and closed comedones with an occasional pustule) -grade 2 (large number of open and closed comedones with a few papules or pustules) -grade 3 (large number of open and closed comedones and many papules and pustules) -grade 4 (cystic acne that can cause cell formation) What is the Fitzpatrick skin types classification system? - ✔✔A scale to determine sensitivity levels based on pigmentation and sensitivity to UV radiation exposure What is extrinsic aging? - ✔✔Environmental aging, the aging changes that are induced by UV radiation What is the Glogau classification system? - ✔✔Based on a clients aging analysis and photodamage as indicators for skin conditions Why is it important to be able to recognize and understand disorders and diseases of the skin? - ✔✔To ensure client safety What is MRSA and how do you prevent spreading it? - ✔✔Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) is often contracted in health care settings and is believed to be spread by touching open membranes. It can be prevented by washing hands and wearing gloves. What is folliculitus? - ✔✔A bacterial infection of the hair follicle commonly caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. Appears as am individual pustule with a central hair. What is impetigo? - ✔✔A bacterial infection of the hair follicle commonly caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. Often beginning as a pustule, impetigo tends to break from pustules to a honey colored crust. Herpes simplex - ✔✔Commonly called cold sores. What is vitiligo? - ✔✔A form of hypopigm [Show More]

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