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In which of the following circumstances must an individual be given the opportunity to agree or object to the use and disclosure of their PHI? A. Before their informaton is included in a facility di... rectory B. Prior to disclosure to a business associate C. Before PHI directly relevant to a person’s involvement with the individual’s care or payment of health care is shared with that person D. Both A and C (correct) Which of the following statements about the HIPAA Security Rule are true? A Established a natonal set of standards for the protecton of PHI that is created, received, maintained, or transmited in electronic media by a HIPAA covered entty (CE) or business associate (BA) B Protects electronic PHI (ePHI) C Addresses three types of safeguards – administratve, technical and physical – that must be in place to secure individuals’ ePHI D All of the above (correct) A covered entty (CE) must have an established complaint process T/F TRUE (correct) The e-Government Act promotes the use of electronic government services by the public and improves the use of informaton technology in the government. T/F TRUE (correct) When must a breach be reported to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team? A. Within 1 hour of discovery (correct) B. Within 24 hours of discovery C. Within 48 hours of discovery D. Within 72 hours of discovery /Which of the following statements about the Privacy Act are true? A. Balances the privacy rights of individuals with the Government’s need to collect and maintain informaton B. Regulates how federal agencies solicit and collect personally identfable informaton (PII) C. Sets forth requirements for the maintenance, use, and disclosure of PII D. All of the above (correct) What of the following are categories for punishing violatons of federal health care laws? A. Criminal penaltes B. Sanctons C. Civil money penaltes D. All of the above(correct) Which of the following are common causes of breaches? A. Thef and intentonal unauthorized access to PHI and personally identfable informaton (PII) B. Human error (e.g. misdirected communicaton containing PHI or PII) C. Lost or stolen electronic media devices or paper records containing PHI or PII D. All of the above(correct) [Show More]

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