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Antiterrorism Awareness Training Level 1_ PreTest JKO

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Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training - PreTest JKO When possible, it is best to always travel with a cell phone. - ✔✔true In the event of a skyjacking, you should immediately attempt to sub... due the skyjackers - ✔✔false The ticketing area is more secure than the area beyond the security check point. - ✔✔false Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is considered a "best practice" from both a security and safety perspective. - ✔✔true Internet acquaintances can pose a security threat and should be carefully monitored. - ✔✔true Force Protection Condition DELTA means that your base is at which one of the following? - ✔✔the most increased level of protection Active resistance should be the immediate response to an active shooter incident. - ✔✔false From an antiterrorism perspective, espionage and security negligence are considered insider threats. - ✔✔true State Department Travel Warnings should be consulted prior to taking trips across the US-Mexican border. - ✔✔true Terrorists usually avoid tourist locations since they are not DOD-related. - ✔✔false What is NOT a physical security measure for your home? - ✔✔hiding a key outside to ensure family members can get in if they lose their keys Select all factors that are ways in which you might become the victim of a terrorist attack. - ✔✔• opportunity • association • predictability • location Alerts from the National Terrorism Advisory System apply only to the United States and its possessions. - ✔✔true [Show More]

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by Josh Moskal · 1 year ago

Thank you

by jairussaw1303 · 3 months ago

some answers are on here some aren't


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