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OCR A Level English Language and Literature (EMC) H474/03 Reading as a writer, writing as a reader

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Section B – Writing as a reader Answer Question 3 and Question 4 in this section. You have a choice of task in Question 3. It is recommended that you spend about 40 minutes on Question 3 and 20 m... inutes on Question 4. 3 Choose one of the storylines below to develop as the opening of a narrative. Write your narrative, making your own choices about the story’s starting point and linguistic techniques. You are writing the opening to a narrative, and can use any one of the bullet points as the beginning of your story. You are not expected to write the full story and you are not required to use all six bullet points. You should write approximately 500 words. [18] Either Storyline 1 • They said the way into the computer game was to hang about when you’d completed level six. They were right. • Once in the game, would Sam be a lion or a unicorn? • Sam had only heard from people who had become lions on the other side. You never heard from those who became unicorns. • Sam strode into the computer screen and was immediately in the middle of a forest. Sam tried to move, but something long and sharp which was stuck onto Sam’s forehead snagged in the low branches. • An ominous roaring came from the next glade. Or Storyline 2 • He had only swum a few strokes when a mermaid rose from the depths of the sea. • ‘I have been looking for you all my life,’ she said, taking him by the wrists. • She plunged down into the water. • He was too astonished to struggle. • ‘I cannot breathe,’ gasped the young man, as his lungs filled with saltwater. • ‘Love will teach you to breathe underwater,’ said the mermaid.5 © OCR 2021 H474/03 Oct21 4 Outline the key narrative and linguistic techniques you have used in your writing for Question 3. You should write approximately 250 words [Show More]

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