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MED-SURG HESI Exam Practice 2022, questions and answers. A+ guide..

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MED-SURG HESI Exam Practice 2022, questions and answers. A+ guide. Complete Doc at: https://www.stuvia.com/doc/1554695/med-surg-hesi-exam-practice-2022-questionsand-answers.-a-guide. Which descripti... on of symptoms is characteristic of a client diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux)? A) Tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing difficulties. B) Sudden, stabbing, severe pain over the lip and chin. C) Facial weakness and paralysis. D) Difficulty in chewing, talking, and swallowing. A 67-year-old woman who lives alone is admitted after tripping on a rug in her home and fractures her hip. Which predisposing factor probably led to the fracture in the proximal end of her femur? A) Failing eyesight resulting in an unsafe environment. B) Renal osteodystrophy resulting from chronic renal failure. C) Osteoporosis resulting from hormonal changes. D) Cardiovascular changes resulting in small strokes which impair mental acuity. The nurse is assisting a client out of bed for the first time after surgery. What action should the nurse do first? A) Place a chair at a right angle to the bedside. B) Encourage deep breathing prior to standing. C) Help the client to sit and dangle legs on the side of the bed. D) Allow the client to sit with the bed in a high Fowler's position. A 20-year-old female client calls the nurse to report a lump she found in her breast. Which response is the best for the nurse to provide? A) Check it again in one month, and if it is still there schedule an appointment. Complete Doc at: https://www.stuvia.com/doc/1554695/med-surg-hesi-exam-practice-2022-questionsand-answers.-a-guide. B) Most lumps are benign, but it is always best to come in for an examination. C) Try not to worry too much about it, because usually, most lumps are benign. D) If you are in your menstrual period it is not a good time to check for lumps. A female client is brought to the clinic by her daughter for a flu shot. She has lost significant weight since the last visit. She has poor personal hygiene and inadequate clothing for the weather. The client states that she lives alone and denies problems or concerns. What action should the nurse implement? A) Notify social services immediately of suspected elderly abuse. B) Discuss the need for mental health counseling with the daughter. C) Explain to the client that she needs to take better care of herself. D) Collect further data to determine whether self-neglect is occurring. A client is admitted to the med [Show More]

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