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Answered NR 508 Advanced pharmacology Quiz, Revised 2022.

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Exam (elaborations) NR 565 (NR 565 week 5) (NR 565 (NR 565 week 5)) NR 565- Week 5 -Ch 26, 47, Study Guide. NR 565- Week 5 -Ch 26, 47, Study Guide/NR 565- Week 5 -Ch 26, 47, Study Guide. Chapter 26: D... rugs used in treating eye & ear disorders Contraindications for topical beta blockers Beta blockers • Suppress conduction through the atrioventricular (AV) node; therefore, topical beta blockers are contraindicated in patients with bradycardia or advanced AV block. • Do not use in patients with compromised ventricular dysfunction, cardiogenic shock, or with systolic congestive HF • D/c at first sign of cardiac failure • Contraindicated with hypotension • Use with caution: poorly controlled DM and hyperthyroidism • Surgical patients should be monitored closely for cardiac failure o Withdraw before surgery 2 days prior [Show More]

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