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MCITP 70-646 Review If need to minimize the bandwidth for installation... Correct Answer: Utilize IFM (Install From Media) If you need to delegate control of server to remote admins group... Co... rrect Answer: Configure RODC for Administrator Role Separation If you want to implement BitLocker and store recovery informaiton in a central location... Correct Answer: Then make sure all DCs are runing Windows Server 2008 R2, and then use a GPO to enable Trusted Platform Module backups to AD. If you need to encrypt all data on all disks... Correct Answer: Then use Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption IF you need to automate deployment of 32 and 64 bit 2008 R2 servers... Correct Answer: Then use Windows Deployment Services (WDS) on DHCP1. If you need to deploy a DHCP server that supports computers that start from a PXE network adapater and support Win7 Correct Answer: Then use Windows Deployment Services (WDS) If you need to deploy multiple servers through automation of installation and activation and minimize network traffic... Correct Answer: Then use Key Management Service (KMS), DHCP server, and Windows Deployment Services. If you need to minimize amount of time and impact of 50 simultaneous Win7 installations... Correct Answer: Then deploy Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Transport Server feature and configure transport server to use static multicast address range. If you need to minimize the number of install images and support Win Server 2008 R2 deployment... Correct Answer: Then use on install image file that contains a single install image. If you need secure method to verify validity of individual certificates and minimize network bandwidth... Correct Answer: Then Install IIS on perimeter network and redirect request to Online Responder on internal network. If CA PKI needs to support Suite B hashing and encryption algorithms and store keys in AD... Correct Answer: Then install new Server 2008 R2 Enterprise subordinate CA. If a user needs to access a new cert template when logging on to any client computer in domain and you need to automatically install on each client computer a cert... Correct Answer: Then configure auto enrollment of certificates and Credential Roaming. If you need a VPN soluction that stores VPN passwords as encrypted text and supports automatic enrollment of certificates... Correct Answer: Then Upgrade clients to Win7, implement Enterprise CA on Win 2008 R2 and implement IPSec VPN with cert-based authentication. If you need to allow an external partner's computer to access internal network resources by using SSTP... Correct Answer: Deploy the Root CA certificate to the external computers. If you need to implement Encrypting File System (EFS) and minimize amount of data transferred across and access EFS certs on any client computer... Correct Answer: Enable Credential Roaming If you need to implement a Cert Services solution that automates distribution of certificates, ensures security and gives external users acess to resources that use cert-based authentication... Correct Answer: Deploy an off-line standalone Root CA, deploy an on-line Enterprise Subordinate CA, and deploy an on-line standalone Subordinate CA. Jack and Jill go up the hill, both with a buck and a quarter... Correct Answer: Jill came down with 2.50. If you need to change the TCP/IP addresses on 30 servers using the minimum amount of administrative effort... Correct Answer: Use Netsh tool from administrator's computer. If you want to allow the administrator in each office to manage DHCP scope for their own office, and prevent the administror of one office from managing DHCP scopes on the DHCP server in another office with mimimal admin effort... Correct Answer: Then Migrate DHCP server role from the domain controllers to the files servers. On file servers, add admin for office to DHCP admin local group. If subnets are connected by CISCO router that is RFC-1542 compliant... Correct Answer: Use CISCO IP Helper command to configure. If you want to allow single-label name resolution... Correct Answer: Then configure GlobalNames zones on each domain controller. You need to create a DNS infrastructure that must allow client computers in each office to register DNA names within their respective offices and client computuers must be able to resolve names for hosts in all offices... Correct Answer: Create an Active Directory-Integrated zone. You need to modify DNS infrastructure to support dynamic updates to ALL DNS servers; ensure DNS service available even if single server fails; encrypt the synchronization data sent between DNS servers. Correct Answer: Configure the zone as an Activde Directory-Integrated zone. A DNS structure should be deployed acording to the following requirements: ensure resources in the root and child domains are accessible by FQDN; provide name resolution services in the event that a single server fails for a prolonged period of time; automatically recognize when new DNS servers are added to or removed from the should: Correct Answer: on one domain controller create an Active Directory-Integrated zone for remote domain and create and Active Directory-Integrated stub zone for main domain. To be able to remotely administer DNS servers that run on the Server Core installation of Server 2008 R2, via MMC console, you should: Correct Answer: Provide remote access to a Windows Server 2008 R2 server that has the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) installed. To allow administrators tha trun Windows 7 ability to manage the DNS server that runs on the Server Core installation of Server 2008 R2, you should: Correct Answer: Install the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) on the Windows 7 computers. All DCs run Windows Server 2008 R2 and have the DNS Server role installed. The domain controllers for each location are stored locally. Each has its own standard primary zone to support its local domain. You need a plan that meets the following: WAN link fails, clients must be able to resolve host names; DNS servers must be updated when new authoritative DNS servers are added... Correct Answer: Create a standard secondary of domain and create standard secondary of other domain. You need to consolidate 120 physical servers into 35 physical servers that run Windows Server 2008 R2 while meeting the following: maximize resource utilization; use existing hardware and software; support 64-bit child virtual machines; maintain separate services among would... Correct Answer: install Hyper-V role and convert physical machines into virtual machines You need a solution that replaces servers that host 2 applications. This solution must use Windows Server 2008 R2 and minimize cost. To accomplish: Correct Answer: Install a new server that runs a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition. Install the Hyper-V role. Install the App1 and App2 in separate child virtual machines. An external partner plan requires the following: prevent sensitive documents from being forwarded to untrusted recipients or from being printed; allow users in the external partner organization to access the protected content to which they have been granted rights; sends all inter-organization traffic over port 443; minimizes the administrative effort required to manage the external users... Correct Answer: Establish a Federated Trust between your company and the external partner. Deploy a 2008 R2 server that runs MIcrosoft SharePoint 2010 and that has the Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD MS) role installed. If you need to be able to create shared folders on Server 2008 R2... Correct Answer: Ensure your account, or the group is a member of the local Administrators group for that specific server. You have two identical print devices. You must plan a print services infrastructure where: the print services must be available, even if one print device fails and have the ability to manage the print queue from a central should: Correct Answer: Install and share a printer on a server and then enable printer pooling. [Show More]

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