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ISC Final Spring 2022 William Burnham Correct Answer: elementary school, all kids are in school and need someone to ensure their well being at school Jesse B. Davis Correct Answer: first perso... n to implement system-guidance in schools, 1907 Frank Parsons Correct Answer: the father of guidance Carl Rogers Correct Answer: non-directive counseling E.G. Williamson Correct Answer: first person to create a model, the Minnesota Model 4 Themes of ASCA Nat'l Model Correct Answer: leadership, advocacy, collaboration, systemic change 4 Components of ASCA Nat'l Model Framework Correct Answer: foundation, management, delivery, accountability 3 Domains of Counseling Programs in ASCA Nat'l Model Correct Answer: personal/social, academic (success), career (development) 3 domains of Counseling Programs in SC Comprehensive Model Correct Answer: learning to learn, learning to work, learning to live Comprehensive Correct Answer: all students, all areas Developmental Correct Answer: pre k through 12th grade Integrated Correct Answer: aligned with the school's curriculum Preventative Correct Answer: focuses on skills and success Collaborative Correct Answer: teachers, parents, administration, everyone working together Data-Driven Correct Answer: monitor programs, change things accordingly, and share info drawn from data with colleagues Foundation of a School Counseling Program Correct Answer: your program focus; heavily involved during the planning of a school year, a series of documents and ideas, must involve others who have a say in the program, attempts to check and fill in the gaps in previous data Different Components of the Foundation Correct Answer: belief statement, vision statement, mission statement, program goals, student/professional competencies, management, program assessment, use of time assessment, delivery Management Piece of a Counseling Program Correct Answer: the organizational assessments and tools that allow you to develop, implement, and evaluate your program (always w student needs in mind) Assessment that Best Shows a Counselor How They Spend Their Day Correct Answer: a self assessment tool, namely the Use of Time Assessment to evaluate direct/indirect services Define Delivery Piece of a SchlCouns Program Correct Answer: how the mission/vision statements are implemented; consisting of classroom curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support Percentage of Time for Direct Services Correct Answer: 80 Percentage of Time for Indirect Services Correct Answer: 20 Examples of Direct Services Correct Answer: core curriculum (classroom lessons, small groups), individual student planning, responsive services (individual counseling, crisis response) Examples of Indirect Services Correct Answer: referrals (school/community resources), consultation (looking to someone above to share strategies, advocate, receive info, identify strategies), collaboration (looking to other at your level, i.e. educators, parents, community) Factors that Determine How Counselors Use their Time Correct Answer: personal competence, student motivation, school/student needs (students most important), ASCA recommendations 4 Reasons Classroom Lessons are Effective Correct Answer: focuses on prevention, efficient, integrates school counselors, visible to students What Counselors use Data For Correct Answer: recognize learning barriers, point out irregularities, advocate for system change, create urgency for change 4 Steps of Accountability Correct Answer: access data, analyze data, interpret data, present data 6 Pieces of Data Counselors Use Correct Answer: test scores, attendance, retention rates, discipline, special programs, gpa 3 Types of Data Correct Answer: process, perception, results ASCA Correct Answer: American School Counseling Association FERPA Correct Answer: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 1974 IGP Correct Answer: individual graduation plan CDF Correct Answer: career development facilitator EEDA Correct Answer: SC Education and Economic Development Act of 2005 NCSC Correct Answer: national certified school counselor NBPTS Correct Answer: national board for professional teaching standards LPC Correct Answer: licensed professional counselor Stake-Holders Correct Answer: any contributing members Duty to Warn Correct Answer: the responsibility of a counselor to inform third parties/authorities if a client poses a threat to themselves or another individual Negligence Correct Answer: failure to take proper care in doing something Privileged Communication Correct Answer: an interaction between two parties in which the law recognizes a private, protected relationship, basically confidentiality Consultation Correct Answer: involves a person who delivers a service to another person (consultee) with a work-related or care-taking related problem with a person, group, organization, or community (client system) Collaboration Correct Answer: working with someone/others in cooperation towards a shared goal [Show More]

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