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Music Appreciation Final 2022 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS| GRADED A

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Music Appreciation Final 2022 Syncopated Correct Answer: notes run against the regular pulse of the music meter, accented beats on normally unaccented beats Counterpoint Correct Answer: 2 or m... ore melodies played simultaneously, means "note against note" Word Painting Correct Answer: music that imitates, describes, or conjures images of the text being sung A Capella Correct Answer: to be sung alone w/o instrumental accompaniment Ostinato Correct Answer: a short pattern of notes repeated over and over Recitative Correct Answer: a style of singing that lies somewhere between lyrical song and speech, also the opratic number that is sung in this style Melody Correct Answer: a single line of notes heard in succession as a coherent unit Acoustics Correct Answer: the science of sound Sharp Correct Answer: a note raised by a half step Flat Correct Answer: a note lowered by a half step Genre Correct Answer: the category of a given work determined by a combination of its performance medium and its social function Texture Correct Answer: a function of the number and general relationships of musical lines to one another Form Correct Answer: the structure of a musical work Timbre Correct Answer: the color of music, the character of sound Homophonic Texture Correct Answer: melody performed with a supporting accompaniment Syllabic Correct Answer: one note per syllable Melismatic Correct Answer: more than one note per syllable Cantata Correct Answer: Italian for "that which is sung," a type of vocal genre that is typically sung during a service of worship What are the sections of sonata form? Correct Answer: exposition, development, recapitulation Modulate Correct Answer: to move to a different key area Cadenza Correct Answer: in a concerto, an elaborate improvisation by the soloist with no orchestral accompaniment, often written down Overture Correct Answer: a purely instrumental work, opening movement that introduces a larger work Program Music Correct Answer: an instrumental work that is in some way associated with a story, event, or idea Heterophonic Texture Correct Answer: 2 melodies at once, but one performs a more embellished form of it 2 leading composers of the Classical Era? Correct Answer: Haydyn, Mozart Renaissance Years Correct Answer: 1425-1600 Middle Ages Years Correct Answer: 476-1425 Baroque Years Correct Answer: 1600-1750 Classical Years Correct Answer: 1750-1800 William Byrd Correct Answer: greatest English composer of the Renaissance, "Sing Joyfully" Josquin des Prez Correct Answer: Italian, international celebrity in his time, greatest composer of the early Renaissance, "The Cricket" Francesco Landini Correct Answer: most famous and prolific Italian composer of the 14th century, "Behold Spring" Printing Press Correct Answer: allowed music to be more rapidly reproduced, invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440 Henry Purcell Correct Answer: recognized as the greatest of all 17th century composers, wrote instrumental and vocal works, "Dido and Aeneas" Language seen as the best for singing in the Baroque and Classical eras? Correct Answer: Italian Professional prospects of women composers? Correct Answer: royals or nobles, published works possibly from their own wealth Antonio Stradivari Correct Answer: greatest of all violin makers, "Stradivarius" worth millions of dollars, Northern Italian J.S. Bach Correct Answer: German, one of the greatest composers of all time, wrote at least one work in every genre except opera, had several sons [Show More]

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