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NUR 602- Week 2: Submission: iHuman Case study –complete-2022

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Once you have completed the iHuman Case on STI, submit your Case Study completion score sheet here. You may resubmit your completion score sheet as needed. If you have not completed the iHuman Activi... ty yet, please go to the Week 2: Activity: iHuman Case on STI assignment, for assignment requirement and access to iHuman. In NR602, iHuman assignments will be assessed on the following areas: History Taking, Physical Exam, Differential Diagnoses, Rank diagnoses, MNM (must not miss) Diagnoses, Order tests, Final Diagnosis, Management Plan. Each of these sections must be completed including the EMR section for the assignment to be considered complete. A score of 80% or better is your target with this assignment. You will have (2) two attempts; the highest score of two attempts will be taken as the final grade. Observations: Discharge- yellow, kind of mucousy, kind of creamy some smelly Skin: Pink, warm, moist CC: Burning during voiding and vaginal discharge HPI (History of Present Illness): Patient presents with a 2-day history of on urination and urinary frequency. She denies fever, chills, myalgia etc. She denies any prior history of UTI's, CONTINUED............ [Show More]

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