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Chem 210 exams 1-8 and final exam/ Questions & Answers/Updated

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Question 1 3 / 3 pts True or False: According to the Module, a compound with a molecular mass of 1,000 g/mol is considered a macromolecule. True Correct! False Question 2 3 / 3 pts True or Fa... lse: Biomolecules can have only two functional groups. True Correct! False Question 3 3 / 3 pts True or False: The following functional group is an alcohol. True Correct! False Question 4 3 / 3 pts True or False: In a eukaryotic cell, the organelles called peroxisomes serve the purpose of digesting macromolecules. True Correct! False Question 5 3 / 3 pts True or False: Carbon dioxide has a linear molecular shape AND has a bond angle of 109.5o. True Correct! False Question 6 3 / 3 pts Of the following, ____________ is not a property of carbon. forming covalent bonds triple bond formation Correct! possessing five valence electrons reacting to form long chains called polymers forming multiple bonds Question 7 3 / 3 pts Which of the following is an element not typically found in living organisms? N Correct! He H S O Question 8 3 / 3 pts _____________ is a functional group found in carbohydrates. Esters Thiols Carboxylic acids Correct! Alcohols Amines Question 9 3 / 3 pts The following functional group is an example of _________. Correct! Ketone Thiol Amide Benzene Aldehyde Question 10 0 / 3 pts A ___________ is a chemical formula that does NOT show the C-H and C-C bonds. You Answered Covalent formula Line bond formula Empirical formula Kekule’ structure Correct Answer Condensed formula Question 11 3 / 3 pts A collection of two or more macromolecules uniting is called a _______. Correct! Supramolecular complex Monomer Macromolecular structure Dimer Kekule’ complex [Show More]

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