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NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Exam LATEST RETAKE 2022/2023 V.1

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While in a family therapy session, a wife comments, “Instead of spending time with me, he is usually watching sports on television.” Using an emotionally … family therapy approach, what is an ap... propriate response by a PMHNP using an evocative question technique? NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Question: The PMHNP is discussing problem-solving techniques with a married couple. What recommendation will the PMHNP provide to the couple? Question: The PMHNP is providing family therapy to two parents and their twin 14-year-old children. The children become defiant around bedtime and are still working on their homework late into the night. How does the PMHNP employ an experiential technique of family sculpting? Question: The PMHNP is assessing a married couple who … on the intake form that that they are having intimacy issues. During the assessment, the PMHNP asks the couple what brings them in today. The wife is quick to answer, “My husband doesn’t listen to me anymore.” Using the Mental Research Institute (MRI) assessment technique, how does the PMHNP respond to this? NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Question: The PMHNP is working with a … couple in a family session setting. The wife reports feeling upset because her husband does not pay attention to her. Which statement … by the PMHNP will challenge the wife to see things differently? NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Question: A man calls a PMHNP to set up an initial appointment for family therapy. He explains, “My wife lost her job several months ago. She has been angry and less patient with the kids. All of the stress is taking a toll on me. I can’t focus at the office and I’m mentally exhausted at home.” Based on this phone contact, who would the PMHNP most likely choose to see for the first session? Question: During a family therapy session, a 10-year-old girl says to her father, “You are at work all the time and are never around.” What is the most appropriate response by the PMHNP to improve communication? Question: The PMHNP is working with a married couple who have … to seek sex therapy due to the wife’s gradual decrease in interest in sex. The wife explains that she feels as though she cannot feel comfortable naked and enjoying being intimate. The PMHNP recognizes that the couple could possibly benefit from sensate focus. To apply the sensate focus exercise, the PMHNP suggests the couple first do what? Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a husband and wife who have … but are trying to rekindle the marriage. The PMHNP asks the couple what they hope to gain from the sessions, and they provide the PMHNP with vague answers. What can the PMHNP can ask the couple to help them create better defined goals? Question: The PMHNP is working with a family consisting of a father, a mother, and a daughter who is a sophomore in high school. The issue being discussed has to do with the daughter’s emotional outbursts about wanting to spend more time with her friends. Recently, the daughter blew up at the parents over the fact that they wouldn’t let her go to a party, since older kids from the school were throwing it. This outburst led to arguments in the household, which led to the daughter getting … for 2 weeks. Which theory does the PMHNP recognize as the most applicable? NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a married couple. The woman feels very insecure, particularly when it comes to her husband working with women in his office. She reports, “My girlfriends say that it’s not attractive to be insecure like I am, so I’m really making the problem worse by being so insecure.” How can the PMHNP externalize the woman’s problem? Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a set of parents and their 12-year-old son, who according to the parents is fearful of “nearly everything.” The son admits that he does not like to ride his bike, play with his friends, or participate in activities such as sports, in which he could hurt himself or become dirty. What does the PMHNP say to the son to personify the problem using externalizing conversation techniques? Question: The PMHNP is meeting with the parents of a school-aged girl. The mother reports feeling frustrated, because they cannot get their daughter to do her homework. “All she wants to do is play on her phone,” the father reports. The mother tells the PMHNP that they have tried threatening her by telling her that she won’t … able to have her friends over and that she won’t … allowed to watch TV. Which of the following responses made by the PMHNP demonstrates use of the Premack principle? Question: The PMHNP is meeting with two women, ages 35 and 42, who are concerned about their mother’s use of alcohol. During the meeting, what question(s) should the PMHNP ask the mother to help uncover the potential drinking problem? NURS 6650 Week 6 Midterm Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a mother and her 9-year-old child. The child is upset that the father left the house and hasn’t been back in a long time. Which action will the PMHNP perform to employ the role-playing technique with the child? Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a family that consists of a mother and father and their two daughters, ages 8 and 10. During the session, t [Show More]

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