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NURS 6650 Week 11 Final Exam 2022/2023 Latest Retake (100% Correct Summer Quarter) PRIORITY EXAM

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uestion: When completing this exam, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity? NURS 6650 Question: One member of a therapy group had ... been quiet for the first several sessions. The member … to the other members feeling of depression and emptiness. This week, the member was full of energy and talking very quickly. The member … irritated with another member tried to interrupt, started yelling, and then broke into a fit of laughter. Based on the situation, what can the PMHNP determine about the member? Question: The PMHNP conducts a specialized individual interview with a patient named Sandy. During this interview, Sandy expresses her want of the other members to like her, and she has a deep dread for the first group meeting. How does the PMHNP correctly interpret Sandy’s interpersonal circumplex? Question: A PMHNP has been holding group therapy sessions for several weeks and notices that a patient is timid and predictable in his or her responses. When the patient does speak, he or she avoids saying anything to contradict anyone in the group. Based on this information, what is an appropriate question the PMHNP should ask herself? Question: When discussing the role of the consultant in the parenting group session, Dr. Carlson explains that the consultant should use several skills in order to help keep the group going and should enable group members to become very engaged with one another. The consultant should use all of the following skills to achieve this, except: NURS 6650 Question: During an initial screening session, the PMHNP is considering a patient for group therapy. The patient is recently divorced and says he is lonely and depressed. What is the best referral by the PMHNP? Question: A PMHNP is leading a group therapy session for patients with substance abuse problems. After a productive session in which all members participated, the following week was not as productive. In order to help the group members assume responsibility for evaluating the meeting, what is an appropriate comment for the PMHNP to make? Question: Following the PMHNP’s cancellation of a group session, he or she notices a decrease in compliance and attendance within the group. What does the PMHNP identify as the group’s reason for noncompliance? Question: A client ha [Show More]

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