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NR 603 Week 1 Quiz 2021

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Which of the following are potential causes of delirium in the elderly? Mark all that apply. Dehydration Medication Effects Sepsis Metabolic imbalance Question 2 Personality changes in patients ... with Traumatic Brain Injury include all of the following except: Hypervigilance Impaired Social Judgment Apathy Impulsivity Question 3 Common presenting symptoms of dementia include all of the following except: Depression Irritability Inability to find the right words Abstract thinking increases Question 4 Which type of medication may be particularly dangerous when treating aggression in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) because it could cause paradoxical agitation? Benzodiazepines Clonidine Haloperidol Propranolol Question 5 Chris is a 28-year-old marine who just returned from active duty from Iraq. He has been complaining of dizziness, extreme headaches, and memory problems related to traumatic brain injury. His neurological injuries are most likely the effect of: Changes related to altitude in climate. Rotational acceleration/deceleration, resulting in focal injury. Diffuse axonal damage as the result of a blast-induced injury. Direct blunt trauma, resulting in damage to underlying tissues. [Show More]

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