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The nurse is caring for a 120 kg male brought in after a warehouse fire and is calculating the patients fluid resuscitation needs. He has painful red blistering to the entire surface of both upper ext... remities and superficial burns to the anterior chest. Using the modified Lund and Browder chart to calculate the total body surface area burned, how much IV fluid would be administered in the first 8 hours? 2280 mL 3840 mL A fluid total of 3840 mL is not correct because only partial or full thickness burn areas are used in calculating TBSA. The anterior chest shows evidence of superficial burns. You are caring for a patient who was involved in a motor vehicle crash and is 32 weeks pregnant. Findings of your secondary survey include abdominal pain on palpation, fundal height at the costal margin, and some dark bloody show. Varying accelerations and decelerations are noted on cardiotocography. These findings are most consistent with which of the following? Placental abruption Patients with a crush injury should be monitored for which of the following conditions? Dysrhythmias Hyperkalemia and other electrolyte abnormalities can lead to life-threatening dysrhythmias. A 49-year-old restrained driver involved in a motor vehicle collision presents to the trauma center complaining of abdominal, pelvic, and bilateral lower extremity pain. Vital signs are stable. The nurse can anticipate all of these after a negative FAST exam EXCEPT which of the following? Diagnostic peritoneal lavage Diagnostic peritoneal lavage is indicated for hemodynamically unstable patients or if FAST and CT are not available. [Show More]

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