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Viticulture 2022 EXAM Implanting a cutting from one plant into another so the two grow together as a single plant Correct Answer: Grafting Reproducing a plant through cuttings of a single paren... t vine. Correct Answer: Cloning The point during maturation when clusters of fertilized flowers start to become bunches of grapes. Correct Answer: Berry Set The point during maturation when grapes start to soften and enlarge and red grapes begin to take on color. Correct Answer: Veraison The process by which sugar is broken down and converted into biological energy. Correct Answer: Respiration The process by which sunlight is converted into sugar. Correct Answer: Photosynthesis Place the following in order of occurrence: Berry Set, Bud Break, Dormancy, Flowering, Harvest, Veraison Correct Answer: Bud break, Flowering, Berry set, veraison, Harvest, Dormancy Define Terroir Correct Answer: The confluence of natural influences on grapes growing in a particular vineyard. List seven constituents that delineate the terroir of a vineyard. Correct Answer: Weather, Climate, Temperature, Fog, Precipitation, Humidity and Wind. Name three things that may cause grapevine diseases. Correct Answer: fungi, bacteria, viruses Name two of the most damaging fungal diseases are ___ and ___, also know as oidium, and _____. Correct Answer: powdery. downy. peronospera One fungal disease can at times be beneficial. In this form, it helps to create outstanding ______ wines and is known as noble rot or _____. Correct Answer: dessert, botrytis Name the root louse that nearly destroyed the wine industry in the 18000's. Correct Answer: Phylloxera What method is used to minimize the damage caused by phyllloxera? Correct Answer: Graftin non-vinifera rootstock to vinifera vines. Which of the following sets are all major vine nutrients? Phosphorus, Iron and Copper Potassium, Zinc and Copper Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Manganese, Iron, and Zinc Correct Answer: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium In a vineyard, the chemical composition of the soil is usually considered more important than the physical structure. True False Correct Answer: False Vine branches begin their existence as: Canes Trellises Roots Canopies Correct Answer: Canes A trellis system Is designed to maximize sunlight exposure to the leaves and grapes Is designed to promote beneficial air circulation among the vines May protect vines and their grapes from low-lying cold air All of the above Correct Answer: All of the above Which of the following statements is true? A Guyot trellis system is cane pruned [Show More]

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