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BLS Credentialing 2022 EXAM Adult dose epi in 1cc syringe Correct Answer: .3 (True) Intramuscular (IM) shots are given by inserting the needle at what angle to the skin? Correct Answer: 90 deg... ree What is the diphenhydramine (benedryl) dose for adults with an allergic reaction? Correct Answer: 50mg All are common symptoms of sepsis except: Correct Answer: Hypertension Which of the following is the stroke screen the WCEMS System uses? Correct Answer: Cincinnati Pre Hospital Stroke Screen What is the correct dose of aspirin for a chest pain patient? Correct Answer: 324 mg Our SOC's allow EMT-B providers to give diphenhydramine for: Correct Answer: Allergic Reaction If you need guidance on a call you should contact: Correct Answer: Incoming medic When should you STOP compressions during CPR to ventilate your patient? Correct Answer: Never If a patient weighs 22 pounds, how many kilograms does that equal? Correct Answer: 10 kg What is the adult dose of IM epinephrine for anaphylaxis? Correct Answer: 0.3 mg Leads V1-V6 are the ECG's that are placed on the chest. They are called the: Correct Answer: pre-cordial leads The pediatric dose for Epinephrine IM in anaphylaxis is: Correct Answer: 0.15mg How many pounds are in one kilogram? Correct Answer: 2.2 lb What is the ideal compression rate/minute in pit crew CPR? Correct Answer: 100/min To treat a fever, the body temperature must be at least: Correct Answer: 100.4 F Epinephrine does all of the following except cause: Correct Answer: decreased heart rate It's OK to hyperventilate trauma patients with a BVM. Correct Answer: False What does primum non nocere mean? Correct Answer: First, do no harm What is the correct dose of nitroglycerin for a chest pain patient? Correct Answer: 0.4 mg When using a BVM on an adult patient during CPR the rate is? Correct Answer: Every 8-10 seconds The maximum allowable time without compressions during pit crew CPR is? Correct Answer: less than 10 seconds The LEAST valuable intervention for a seizing patient is: Correct Answer: Use a bite block to prevent the patient from biting their tongue If you suspect the cardiac arrest is related to a respiratory etiology you should: Correct Answer: Use a BVM [Show More]

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