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output - ?Basic instruction types are input, process, and _____. variables - ?In an instruction like: z = x + y, the symbols x, y, and z are examples of _____. * - ?Which symbol represents the multi... plication operation in programming? An Algorithm - ?A sequence of instructions that solves a problem is called _____. code - ?What is a common word for the textual representation of a program? print() - ?Which instruction displays variables or expression values? # - ?Which symbol is used in Python to create a comment? (x * y) / 2 - ?Which code example is an expression? print("I won't quit!") - ?Which statement outputs the text: "I won't quit!"? whitespace - ?Space, tab, and newline are all called _____ characters. print('First part...', end='') - ?Which statement does not print a newline character at the end?user_name = input() - ?Which statement reads a user-entered string into variable user_name? int() - ?Which function converts a string to an integer? prompt - ?In the statement: age = input('Enter your age: ') , the string 'Enter your age: ' is called a(n) _____. x + y = z - ?Which statement has a syntax error? Assume variables x, y, z, and age have already been defined. runtime - ?Dividing by zero is an example of which type of error? ValueError - ?Which runtime error type occurs when trying to convert 'abc' to an integer? logic error - ?Which type of error does not cause the program to crash? Which statement about Python is true? - ?Developers are not usually required to pay a fee to write a Python program. What is an IDE used for? - ?Program development, including writing the source code. IDLE editor - ?Which program can be used to create a Python file that can be used directly by the interpreter? bits - ?0s and 1s are known as ___ . instructions - ?A processor is a circuit that executes a list of _____. compiler - ?Which type of program converts a high-level language program into machine instructions?disk - ?A _____ is a computer component that stores files and other data. Random Access Memory - ?RAM is an abbreviation that stands for: operating system - ?The _____ is a process that manages programs and interfaces with peripherals. Moore's Law - ?The capacity of ICs doubles roughly every 18 months interpreter - ?A(n) _____ is a program that executes a script. 1980 - ?The Python language began development in the late _____'s. backwards compatible - ?Because Python 2.7 programs cannot be run by the Python 3.0 interpreter, Python 3.0 is not _____. open-source - ?The Python language is developed by a public community of users, therefore Python is a(n) _____ language. variable - ?A _____ is a named item used to hold a value. 12 - ?What is the value of y after the following code is executed? Note that the question asks for y, not x. age + 2 = years - ?Which of the following statements has a syntax error? Assume age and years are variables that have already been defined. -2 - ?What is the value of x after the following code is executed? x = 15x = x + 1 x = x * 2 x = 30 - x _ (underscore) - ?Which of the following symbols can be used as part of an identifier? case sensitive - ?A language is called _____ when upper case letters in identifiers are considered different from lower case letters. keyword - ?A _____ is a word that is part of the Python language and can't be used as a variable name. max_age - ?Which of the following identifiers is valid? Garbage collection - ?_____ is the process where objects that are no longer needed are deleted. immutable - ?Objects like integers and strings that can't be modified are called _____ . id() - ?The built-in Python function that gives an object's identity is: float - ?What is the name of the data type used for floating point numbers The speed of a snail. - ?Which of the following data values is best represented with a floating point variable? 3.0004e-12 - ?In Python, which of the following literals is shown in valid scientific notation? overflow - ?Assigning a value to a floating point variable that is too large for the computer to represent is a condition called _____ .2x + 3y - ?Which of the following is NOT a valid expression? Assume x and y are integer variables. unary - ?According to Python's precedence rules, which of the following operators has the highest precedence? x - ((y * (-z)) / 3) - ?Which expression using parentheses is equivalent to the following expression: x - y * -z / 3 interest = (principal * interest) * time - ?The formula for calculating the amount of interest charged on a loan is: interest = [principal x rate of interest] x timeWhich Python statement correctly performs the interest calculation? compound - ?The operator *= is called a(n) _____ operator. x = x - (2 + y) - ?Which statement is equivalent to the following assignment? x -= 2 + y 2.3e7 - ?Which floating-point literal correctly represents the scientific notation value: 2.3 x 10^7? / - ?15 _____ 3 = 5.0 % - ?15 _____ 3 = 0 seconds // 60 - ?Which expression gives the number of whole minutes that corresponds to some number of seconds? 5 - ?What is the value of 11 // 2? imp [Show More]

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