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Horner's syndrome - ANSWER When examining the eyes, the right pupil reacts briskly to light, near effort, and is much smaller than the left pupil. This condition is most likely: Paralysis of oculom... otor cranial nerve (CN III) - ANSWER Dilated pupil is fixed to light and near accommodation Argyll Robertson pupils - ANSWER Pupil appears small and irregular shaped and accommodate but do not react to light. Seizure - ANSWER uncontrolled electrical activity in brain, may produce minor physical signs, thought disturbances or disturbed motor activity or combination of symptoms. Dystonia - ANSWER neurological disorder, causes involuntary muscle spasms & twisting of limbs. Bradykinesia - ANSWER impaired ability to adjust to one's body position. Femoral vein - ANSWER The great saphenous vein enters the deep venous system via: The Abduction (Valgus) stress test - ANSWER Maneuver the evaluates function of medial collateral ligament (MCL) Gray matter - ANSWER The thalamus and basal ganglion are located in the: Facial tics - ANSWER brief, repetitive, stereotyped, coordinated movement occurring at irregular intervals (repetitive winking, grimacing and shoulder shrugging) Daughters of women who took Diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy are at high risk for developing: - ANSWER columnar epithelium that covers most or all of cervix vaginal adenosis, circular collar or ridge of tissue between cervix & vagina. Flexor group - ANSWER Group of muscles that lie anteriorly and flex the thigh Thymus, thyroid gland & anterior part of pericardium - ANSWER The anterior mediastinal lymph nodes drain lymphatic fluid from the: The breasts, upper part of the abdominal wall, upper part of back, pectoral region & upper limbs - ANSWER Axillary lymph node drainage are includes: trauma, surgery & intranasal use of cocaine or amphetamines. - ANSWER Possible causes of nasal septum perforation: the peau d'orange (orange peel) sign - ANSWER thickened skin with enlarged pores. First seen in lower portion of breast or areola. Visible sign of breast cancer. Median Nerve - ANSWER provides sensation to palm, palmar surface of most of thumb, second & third fingers & half of 4th digit. Ulnar Nerve - ANSWER Innervates half of 4th digit & 5th digit Radial Nerve - ANSWER innervates dorsal web space of thumb & index finger Fibrous joints - ANSWER Have intervening layers of fibrous tissue or cartilage holding bones together (sutures of skull) Cartilaginous joints - ANSWER Joints have bones connected by cartilage. (hyaline or fibrocartilage). slightly movable. Symphysis pubis & vertebrae - ANSWER Examples of cartilaginous joints Mechanical neck pain - ANSWER Aching pain in the cervical paraspinal muscles and ligaments with associated muscle spasm, with associated stiffness and tightness in the upper back and shoulder, lasting up to 6 weeks. No associated radiation, paresthesias, or weakness. Headache may be present. Mechanical Neck pain-Whiplash - ANSWER Paracervical pain & stiffness begins day after injury. Accompanied by occipital headaches, dizziness & malaise Cervical radiculopathy - ANSWER nerve pain caused by pressure on the spinal nerve roots in the neck region Symptoms: sharp burning or tingling pain in neck & one arm with assiciated paresthesias. Cervical Myelopathy - ANSWER cervical cord compression, neck pain associated with bilateral weakness & paresthesias in both upper & lower extremities. Diastasis Recti - ANSWER Rectus abdominis muscles separate at midline as tension on abdominal wall increases with pregnancy 10 days to 3 months - ANSWER How long after exposure to syphilis will symptoms begin to present? Cervicitis - ANSWER Cervical erosion, erythema, discharge or irritation. Investigate for STI. Located behind the ethmoid sinuses - ANSWER Sphenoidal sinuses are located: Between the eyes & frontal sinuses, located above the eyes. - ANSWER Ethmoid sinuses are located between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy - ANSWER When should an oral glucose tolerance test be performed? Overflow incontinence - ANSWER small amounts of urine leak from a full bladder in absence of need to urinate Hypertension - ANSWER In older adults, presence of S4 heart sound suggests: Aphasia - ANSWER Inability to produce or understand language Ankle fracture - ANSWER point tenderness over posterior aspects of right malleolus, inability to bear weight after 4 steps Vulvar cancer - ANSWER An ulcerated or raised red vulvar lesion in elderly woman may indicate Manifestation of cerebral palsy - ANSWE [Show More]

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