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How should Humana agents respond to Medicare beneficiaries who want to know their new Medicare ID number? - ✔✔Advise the beneficiary that any questions regarding their new Meidcare ID number mus... t be directed to Medicare. Under which circumstances is it acceptable for an agent to complete an Agent Online Application (AOA) application on behalf of their client? - ✔✔It is never acceptable under any circumstance for an agent to complete the AOA Application on behalf of their client, even if they request it. How can agents help reduce paper applications being denied due to improper election type code? - ✔✔Agents should read through the SEPs listed on page five of the paper application and select any that apply. How will Humana handle applications received during Pre-AEP? - ✔✔The applications will be denied and marked for investigation. CMS expects agents to provide a clear, concise explanation of the plan's drug benefit. Which of the following is the best example of what an agent should do to explain a plan's drug benefit? - ✔✔Demonstrate how to determine drug pricing by comparing drug tier information listed in the plan formulary to the tier cost information listed in the Summary of Benefits booklet. Jose delayed retirement and his Part B until age 68. He is meeting with Agent Victoria two (2) months before his delayed Part B effective date and wants to enroll in a MAPD plan. Which enrollment period should agent Victoria select for Jose's application? - ✔✔Initial Enrollment Period (ICEP) Which of the following is an advantage for Humana members when they elect to receive their plan documentation digitally? - ✔✔They will have convenient online access to important plan documents. [Show More]

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