CCMA NHA QUESTIONS FOR CCMA EXAM PREP-2022 (Terms in this set 180)

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CMS 1500 What is the universal claim for submited outpatient billing? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plan of care When reviewing ... a patient's chart after a visit. Where would you look in the chart to review medication dosage and instructions for the patient? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- American w/ Disability Act Where should you refer a non- ambulatory for, assistance with workplace accommodations? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tachycardia, Hypotension, Afebrile, Normal Respiration 13. You have obtained the following vital signs from an adult patient: temperature 37.2 C (99. 0 F), heart rate 106/min, BP 89/50 mm Hg and respiratory rate of 18/min. What should document regarding the vital signs? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lithotomy Position What position should you place a patient for a pap smear? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immediately over the phone A urgent referral has been submitted to the insurance company. How long should the authorization process take? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dispose of in a biohazard container Your gloved hands come in contact with the patient's blood during a procedure. What action should you take? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Semi-Fowler A patient has COPD and requires an abdominal exam. What position should you place the patient in to manage his/her respiratory status? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr./Nurse Practitioner When working in an ambulatory care center with several other workers. Who is legally responsible for the medical assistant's actions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patient & care giver relationship What should you recognize as a goal of patient- centered care? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alcoholism What is a risk factor for developing cirrhosis? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 inch When setting a tray for a sterile procedure. How many inches are required to maintain a sterile field? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contusion What is a closed wound caused by blunt trauma that results in swelling, ecchymosis, and pain? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goniometers What device would you use to measure a patient's range of motion? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Height & Weight What criteria is used to determine BMI? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red/Rare Meat 25. What foods should you instruct a patient to refrain from eating prior to testing for fecal occult blood? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Temperature What is a cause for a urine specimen to be rejected? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PPE What items are employers required to provide based on OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens standards for all employees? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vertigo What side effect can you expect from a patient following an ear irrigation? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brachial Artery What artery is primarily used for obtaining a manual blood pressure? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- National Provider Identification (NPI) What information is needed from a provider to complete the CMS-1500 form? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Palliative when using antihistamines to treat allergies this is an example of what kind of care? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many inches above the venipuncture site should the tourniquet be placed? 3 TO 4 INCHES. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Distilled water What solution is used in an autoclave for sterilization? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apply Even Pressre 35. What action should you take when performing a capillary puncture? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have the parent to hold the child When performing a capillary puncture on a 10 month old patient. What action should you take? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post-op instructions A patient has had a cyst removed in the office. What information should be provided to the patient prior to leaving the office? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 When performing CPR how many compressions should be done in a minute? LOOK THIS UP IN THE CCMA BOOKLET (CPR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forehead Your patient requires a temporal temperature to be taken. Where should you take this temperature? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prevent contamination What is the purpose of the chain of custody for a drug screen? [Show More]

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