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PHI 445-Sophia- Intro to Ethics UNIT 1-Milestone 1-complete

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UNIT 2 — MILESTONE 2 It is a fair system when a panel of ordinary citizens are obligated to pass judgment. The criminal justice system is obligated to work for all people. CONCEPT Applying E... goism 2 Which of the following statements about divine command theory is true? Divine command theory states that the intention justifies the action. Divine command theory states that if God says nothing about an action, that action is forbidden. Divine command theory states that God's commands are universal ethical truths. Divine command theory is just another name for religion. CONCEPT Divine Command Theory 3 Which of the following scenarios would be obligatory for an egoist? Malachi sees an opportunity to cheat and get ahead at work, so he takes it. Michelle lets her husband decide what to eat since she's fine either way. Rather than take his dream vacation, Milo serves as a foster parent so children can have a stable home. Madison brings a wallet she found on the ground to the police station rather than keeping it for herself. CONCEPT CONTINUED....... [Show More]

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