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Goods and services being brought into markets to be bought and sold - ANSWER What does the concept of commodification convey? Because raising children in cities was more expensive - ANSWER Why has ... urbanization created incentives to have fewer children? the idea that women are motivated by love and men by sex - ANSWER What does the "gendered love/sex binary" refer to? Women who limit themselves sexually are worthy of respect and women who have sex with "too many" men are not - ANSWER The "good girl/bad dichotomy" refers to which social idea? Women offer men domestic services and men support them financially - ANSWER Which of the following definitions best describes a breadwinner/housewife marriage? Women as devoted mothers and wives. They should make the home a "heaven on Earth" - ANSWER The "cult of domesticity" refers to which of these ideas? It showed that middle class women were frustrated and unhappy with breadwinner/housewife marriage - ANSWER What impact did the publication of the Feminist Mystique have on America gender relations? Access to a living wage came through men, and the work women did in maintaining a household was no longer recognized as work. - ANSWER The breadwinner/housewife model did not offer women economic equality because ... Higher rates of both divorce and remarriage among Americans compared with other countries - ANSWER The term 'marriage-go-around' was used to refer to what American social practice? Having a same-sex crush - ANSWER What did college students in the 1920's mean by 'smashing'? Babies who were born after WWII and who grew up during the 1950's and 1960's - ANSWER What does the concept of baby boomers convey? The average man prefers to date a woman who is younger, the average woman reports the opposite preference - ANSWER How do gender and ager intersect in the erotic marketplace? Gendered matching rules suggest that men should be more accomplished than women - ANSWER Why has the erotic marketplace placed a ceiling on women's level of success? The abstract space in which people are organized according to their sexual desirability - ANSWER What is the erotic marketplace? It means that we often follow rules that prescribe the who, what, and how of sexual intimacy - ANSWER What does it mean that we "do" sexuality? For the average man, a woman's accomplishments make him anxious not excited - ANSWER Why are accomplishments a disadvantage for women, but not for men? What is sexual spectating? - ANSWER Monitoring one's own sexual performance What is the sexual script? - ANSWER Institutionalized rules for sexual intercourse Many heterosexual men are uncomfortable in gay male spaces because... - ANSWER They are used to objectifying others, rather than being objectified by others Why are sexual-minority students less likely to participate in hookup culture than heterosexual students? - ANSWER Because hookup culture is specifically heterosexual Why do so many wealthy white wives support the ideology of intensive mothering? - ANSWER To preserve their social standing by defining their work as valuable Why could outsourcing be called a patriarchal bargain? - ANSWER Because it does not liberate women as a group While man and women overwhelmingly want egalitarian relationships, the majority of men's back up plans can be described as ... - ANSWER Neo-traditional - embrace a modified version of traditionalism, they think women should be able to work if she desires, but only if it doesn't interfere with her "real duty" to take care of her husband and children The phrase 'rugrat race' refers to - ANSWER Escalating competition for even small children to get class advantages by investments of mothers time Which statement best reflects how family life is represented in sitcoms, TV commercials, and parenting advice books in the US today? - ANSWER Women are primary caretakers of the house and children, and dads are backups. What is one reason that divorced women might experience more happiness than divorced men after their marriage ends? - ANSWER Divorced women spend less time the second shift The working poor are people who - ANSWER Work 40 hours a week at paid jobs but still live in poverty Couples with class privilege can build and maintain equal division of labor by - ANSWER Outsourcing more household labor In Gender, Wade and Ferree label work and family as "greedy institutions" because - ANSWER both make gendered demands for a great deal of an individual's time and energy What is emotion work? - ANSWER Work that is done to manage the emotions of oneself and others Care work- work that involves face-to-face care taking of the physical, emotional, and educational needs of others -is - ANSWER paid even less than other feminized jobs An androcentric pay scale implies which of the following? - ANSWER The percentage of women in an occupation is a good predictor of it being a less well paid one Jobs often structured to make work carry specific gender meanings. These gender meanings ... - ANSWER Differ across cultures and continually change over time The Civil Rights Act - ANSWER was used by women to gain access to all occupations The glass cliff is defined as - ANSWER The tendency for women to be placed in jobs with a high risk of failure Symbolic threat reflects - ANSWER the realistic feat that women's entrance into a male-dominated occupation will bring down prestige and wages for everyone What is the motherhood penalty? - ANSWER The decrease in women's average salaries with every child they have The idea that an employee should devote themselves exclusively to their jobs without interference from family responsibilities is called .. - ANSWER The ideal worker norm What does the term mommy track describe/refer to? - ANSWER A career path with fewer opportunities for raises, promotions, or even equal pay Which model of gender equality would be most attractive to men who embrace femininity? - ANSWER Equal value- a model of creating egalitarianism designed to tackle the problem of androcentrism by raising the value of the feminine to match the value of the masculine Which model of gender equality is most appealing to feminists who believe that we should be working to establish societies in which gender disappears as a meaningful category? - ANSWER Equal sharing- a model of creating egalitarianism that targets subordination by attempting to ensure that men and women participate equally in masculine and feminine spheres A person who tires to accomplish feminist goals as a member of the existing U.S. military is doing what sort of feminist work? - ANSWER Embedded Why are some women's movements also autonomous movements? - ANSWER They function independently of men's participation of approval In what ways has women's symbolic representation translated into substantive representation? - ANSWER Women are more likely than men to introduce bills that address women's needs Which model of gender equality would be most attractive to women who embrace masculinity? - ANSWER Equal access- a model of creating egalitarianism by dismantling legal barriers and reducing sex discrimination Ideas that do not (yet) resonate with most members of a population are - ANSWER radical claim which model of gender would be most attractive to women and men who embrace femininity? - ANSWER Equal value- a model of creating egalitarianism designed to tackle the problem of androcentrism by raising the value of the feminine to match the value of the masculine When states and politicians commit to gender aware policy making, they ... - ANSWER consider the effects of policies on both men and women Policymaking in which consideration of the effects on both men and women- and different kinds of men and women- is a required part of the policymaking process CoverGirl promises girls they can do whatever they want using the hashtag #GirlsCan and the slogan "make the world a little more easy, breezy, and beautiful." This ad campaign is an example of .. - ANSWER Corporate co-optation of feminism- the use of feminist sounding language and imagery for marketing purposes [Show More]

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