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NLN PAX EXAM STUDY – MATH EXAM 2022 What is 6/19 expressed to the nearest thousandth place? - Answer- 0.316. A 2 1/2 ounce piece of cheese supplies 240 calories. How many calories are supplied ... by 1 ounce of cheese? - Answer- 96. A beaker holds 12 1/2 ounces of a solution. How many 1 1/1 ounce vials can be filled from this beaker? - Answer- 8 vials. A patient is to be given a medication for 84 hours. How many days does this time period cover? - Answer- 3 1/2 days. A patient's temperature rose from 99.4 degrees F to 102.2 degrees F. How many degrees did it rise? - Answer- 2.8 degrees F. An anti-allergy medication is 75% aspirin and 25% antihistamine. Aspirin costs 15 cents per gram and antihistamine costs 50 cents per gram. What will it cost to make one hundred 1g tablets of this medication? - Answer- $23.75. Express 0.057 as a percentage. - Answer- 5.70%. Express 125/1000 as a decimal. - Answer- 0.125. Express 3% as a decimal. - Answer- 0.03. Express 80% as a fraction. - Answer- 4/5. Express 9/30 as a percentage. - Answer- 30%. 5/8 of a yard is the same as what percentage of a yard? - Answer- 62.5%. Following a heat stroke, a patient's temperature averaged 100.5 degrees F over a 4- day period. On the 5th and 6th days, the average temp was 99.0 degrees F. What was the average temp over the 6 days? - Answer- 100.1 degrees F. How many milligrams (mg) are in 50 grams (g)? (0.5 g = 500 mg). - Answer- 50,000 mg. How much simple interest will be paid on a $500 loan for 1 year if the annual interest rate is 6%? - Answer- $30.00. If a=3 and b=6, what is the value of b to the a power? - Answer- 216. If a hospital equipment salesperson receives a 12% commission, how much commission is paid when $16,000 worth of equipment is sold? - Answer- $1,920.00 CONTINUES... [Show More]

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