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NLN PAX practice exam latest update 2022 The editor rejected the illustrations saying the color was too drab. The illustrations lacked -Contrast -Detail -Variation -Luster - Correct Answer-... Luster The lawyer found the witness's testimony assailable from certain angles. Assailable means -Morbid -Hollow -Rescindable -Vulnerable - Correct Answer- Vulnerable Anna was invariably late for her classes. Invariably means -Never -Rarely -Occasionally -Constantly - Correct Answer- Constantly The association of a roadrunner to a coyote is that the coyote -Has an imaginary relationship with the roadrunner -is the mortal enemy of the roadrunner -Share the desert spoils willingly with the roadrunner -is a victim of the roadrunner. - Correct Answer- has an imaginary relationship with the roadrunner Guard cells which can be found in the leaves of plants are most closely associated with which of these processes? -Reproduction of a new plant -Evaporation of water from the plant -Synthesis of organic substances in the plant -Movement of organic and inorganic substances from soil to the plant - Correct Answer- Evaporation of water from the plant The bending of a wave around an obstacle is known as -Diffraction -Deflection -Refraction -Reflection - Correct Answer- Diffraction Which of these conditions is associated with smoking? -Esophageal Varices -Tonsillitis -Emphysema -Blindness - Correct Answer- Emphysema A gram stain is an important technique used in the laboratory that -Identifies different type of blood cells. -Is sensitive to specific types of plants -Highlights nucleus containing cells. -Distinguishes between different kinds of bacterial cells walls. - Correct AnswerDistinguishes between different kinds of bacterial cells well A material that settles out of a reaction is termed a(n) -suspension -precipitate -colloid -emulsion - Correct Answer- Emulsion All living cells contain cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is important because it -Carries hereditary traits -Controls what moves in and out of the cells. -Produces protein -Is where most of the cell's chemical reactions take place - Correct Answer- Controls what moves in and out of the cells An example of the most complex level of the organization in a frog is the -Epithelium -Striated muscle -Respiratory system -Stomach - Correct Answer- Respiratory system Energy that is in an object because of its position is called -Kinetic energy -Nuclear energy -Potential energy -Electromagnetic energy - Correct Answer- Potential energy Enzymes that are involved in biochemical reactions are organic -Colloid -Catalysts -Cathodes -Constants - Correct Answer- Catalysts In classical physics, light is viewed as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, traveling in form of transverse waves. Quantum physics proposes that light is composed of quanta called -Rays -Newtons -Atoms -Photons - Correct Answer- Photons CONTINUES.... [Show More]

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