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EMISS ISOL532 Access Control Final Exam with Questions And Answers. Latest Exam

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EMISS ISOL532 Access Control Final Exam with Questions And Answers. Latest Exam.Question 1 1. A _____________ is a document that describes specific requirements or rules that must be met in a given ... area. procedure guideline standard policy 1 points Question 2 1. Identity management programs often implement a _________system that facilitates the management of user accounts. certificate single sign-on (SSO) digital certificate standards 1 points Question 3 1. Which of the following is a best practice regarding the Administrator account? This account should be used by the Administrator at all times, never his or her own account. This account should be given a nondescript account name that cannot be easily guessed. This account should be used only for low-level access to the network. This account should be used only to run low-security applications. 1 points Question 4 1. Once authentication is completed, _________ can occur. authorization connections protocols communication 1 points Question 5 1. The certificate _________ is a database that stores the digital certificates belonging to users of the PKI. repository validation server trust 1 points Question 6 1. In order to correctly prioritize efforts at mitigating threats and vulnerabilities, we perform ________ to accurately decide which threats represent the biggest impact to resources and data. vulnerability analysis risk assessment single loss expectancy probability of occurrence 1 points Question 7 1. During the software development life cycle, the system should undergo __________, which measures how the software will perform with an average number of users, as well as how it will perform under extreme load conditions. automated testing load testing boundary conditions integration testing 1 points Question 8 1. Testing should be built into the entire software development ________. architecture infrastructure design life cycle 1 points Question 9 1. Some of the most prominent vulnerabilities are ________ and buffer overflow errors. access control code injection host discovery port scanning 1 points Question 10 1. Craig likes to work on his computer at his local coffee shop, but people around him may be able to see what he is doing, including entering passwords for his accounts. This method of gaining confidential information is referred to as ________. phishing shoulder surfing man-in-the-middle attacks spear phishing 1 points Question 11 1. ________ is a data-link protocol that provides authentication over PPP. Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Remote access server (RAS) 1 points Question 12 1. The certificate ________ is the machine or service responsible for issuing digital certificates based on the information provided at the registration process. [Show More]

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