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AP Human Geography Exam Review 2022

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absolute location - ANSWER The actual space a place occupies on Earth's surface acculturation - ANSWER The change that occurs within a culture when it adopts a practice from another culture aggl... omeration effects - ANSWER The cost advantages (external economies) for an individual company gained by locating near similar industries or companies agribusiness - ANSWER Commercial agriculture in which large corporations own and operate various steps in the production process with an emphasis on profit agricultural density - ANSWER The number of people living in rural areas per unit of agricultural land alliance - ANSWER An association among countries for the purpose of mutual defense or trade animism - ANSWER The belief that spirits (including ancestral) live within objects such as animals, rivers, rocks, trees, and mountains antecedent boundary - ANSWER A boundary placed before the cultural landscape was developed artifact - ANSWER Tangible pieces of material culture assimilation - ANSWER The process in which immigrants become totally integrated into the host culture bid-rent curve - ANSWER The concept that the concentric circles in Burgess's concentric zone model are based on the amount people are willing to pay for land in each zone biotechnology - ANSWER The application of scientific techniques to modify and improve plants, animals, and microorganisms to enhance their value built environment - ANSWER The material culture of an environment carrying capacity - ANSWER The number of people an area can support on a sustained basis central business district (CBD) - ANSWER The business area found at the center of every older central city and urban area central place theory - ANSWER A theory developed by Walter Christaller that states that cities exist for economic reasons and that people gather in cities to share goods and ideas centrifugal force - ANSWER A strong, divisive force, such as religious differences or a weak communication systems, at work in a country centripetal force - ANSWER A strong, unifying force, such as a charismatic leader or nationalism, at work in a country chain migration - ANSWER The part of a migrant flow (usually relatives and friends) that follows former migrants to an area channelized migration - ANSWER Repetitive pattern of migration not linked to family or ethnicity (senior citizens moving to the Sun Belt) compact state - ANSWER A state that is basically round in shape, such as Poland or Bhutan) colonialism - ANSWER A system in which a country declares control over a territory or people outside its own boundaries, usually for economic purposes commodity chain - ANSWER A chain of activities from the manufacturing to the distribution of a product concentric zone model - ANSWER The model of urban land use developed by Burgess which demonstrates the invasion and succession processes that occur as the city grows and expands outward confederation - ANSWER A loose association of states organized for the purpose of retaining cohesion, such as the former republic of the USSR consequent boundary - ANSWER A type of subsequent boundary that is drawn to accommodate existing linguistic, cultural, or religious boundaries conservation agriculture - ANSWER A modern method of farming that balances maximum crop yield with sustainable farming methods and protection of the environment creole - ANSWER A simplified mixture of two or more languages that is adopted in areas of cultural diversity crude birth rate (CBR) - ANSWER The number of babies born per 1000 people per year [Show More]

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