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Chapter 40: Musculoskeletal Care Modalities_ with Answers and Explanations _Rated A

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Chapter 40: Musculoskeletal Care Modalities The nurse is caring for a client who lives alone and had a total knee replacement. An appropriate nursing diagnosis for the client is: A client has a cast t... hat extends from below the elbow to the palmar crease and is secured around the base of the thumb. The thumb is also casted. The nurse identifies this as which type of cast? A client's fracture was reduced by surgically exposing the bone and realigning it. The nurse identifies this as which of the following? The nurse is checking the traction apparatus for a client in skin traction. Which finding would require the nurse to intervene? The nurse is providing instructions to the client who is being prepared for skeletal traction. Which statement by the client indicates teaching was effective? A client is reporting pain following orthopedic surgery. Which intervention will help relieve pain? [Show More]

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