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Vsim: Sherman "Red" Yoder Part 2

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A patient is prescribed ceftazidime 1 gram IVPB every 8 hours. When assessing the patient for possible hematologic adverse reactions, the nurse will monitor for a decrease in which diagnostic lab test... result? * Answer-Platelet count What symptom would be likely to manifest in the older adult with an infection? * Answer-Mental status changes Hospitalization puts the older patient at risk for problems and complications. How can the nurse prevent these problems and enhance the quality of hospital care for the older adult? * Answer-Conduct a comprehensive assessment on the older adult What age-related change puts the older adult at an increased risk of infection? * Answer-Immune senescence An older adult patient with diabetes has developed an ischemic lesion on the bottom of his left foot from a wound he was not aware of due to diabetes-associated neuropathy. What treatment should he receive? * Answer-Nutritional education to ensure adequate protein intake What assessment data best supports the possibility of a diagnosis of sepsis in an older adult? * Answer-Current respiratory rate of 28/min The nurse is managing the care of an older patient with diabetes who is being treated in the emergency room for an infection resulting from a foot wound. Which intervention will require the nurse's initial attention to best address the possible diagnosis of sepsis? * Answer-Initiating the prescribed intravenous ceftazidime therapy [Show More]

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