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APEA 3P Exam | 75 All Correct Questions & Answers

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Which headache sign does not warrant an immediate investigation? Question options: aggravated or relieved by change of position precipitated by Valsalv a maneuver new onset after age 50 relieved with ... use of common analgesics Question 2 During a migraine, what happens to the cerebral arteries? Question options: they dilate they constrict they vibrate they pulsate Question 3 You are evaluating a 15 year old patient for bipolar disorder. His parents tell you that he has severe mood swings, is easily distracted, and constantly corrects his teachers. You would have a high suspicion for bipolar if which symptom was present? Question options: APEA 3P EXAM | 75 ALL CORRECT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS he is forgetful he sleeps less than 4 hours nightly he does not complete tasks he blurts out answers in class inappropriately Question 4 Which risk factor is not associated with breast cancer? Question options: use of hormone replacement therapy personal or family history of breast cancer postmenopausal obesity low socioeconomic status Question 5 A 26 year old woman with bulimia is likely to be: Question options: of average weight not concerned with weight very underweight very overweight Question 6 What medication is used to relieve acute wheezing in a patient with asthma? Question options: oral corticosteroid short acting beta agonist long acting beta agonist inhaled corticosteroid Question 7 You are evaluating an 80 year old patient for recent episodes of incontinence and confusion. His family states that this is unusual for him and he has become increasingly forgetful over the past two weeks. Which medication might be responsible for this? Question options: Coumadin (warfarin) Vitamin B-12 Tagamet (cimetidine) Altace (ramipril) Question 8 What suggests hyperandrogenism in an adolescent female? Question options: polycystic ovaries high pitched voice obesity hirsutism Question 9 Which is a synovial joint? Question options: skull vertebral bodies of the spine shoulder pubic symphysis of the pelvis Question 10 A 67 year old woman with atrial fibrillation and an ejection fraction of 48% is on digoxin and has had normal digoxin levels of 0.8- 2 ng/dL for the past 9 months. Today, the level is 0.4 ng/dL. What could account for this change? Question options: regular use of an antacid increased exercise weight loss decreased creatinine clearance Question 11 Which medication is contraindicated in a child with acute sinusitis? Question options: nasal steroids decongestants expectorants antihistamines Question 12 Which best describes the lower extremity calf pain associated with peripheral artery disease? [Show More]

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