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NUR 2115 / NUR2115 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Final Exam | Rated A Concept Guide | Latest, 2020/2021| Rasmussen College

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NUR 2115 / NUR2115 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Final Exam | Rated A Concept Guide | Latest, 2020/2021| Rasmussen College 1. Types of Nursing Interventions - Dependent: requires a health... -care provider’s order - Independent: can be performed without consulting anyone else - Collaborative: involves working with other health-care professionals in the hospital setting 2. Direct Patient Care vs. Indirect Patient Care - Direct patient care: The nurse interacts directly with the patient, e.g., bathing and administering meds - Indirect patient care: The nurse assists in a setting other than with the patient, e.g., documenting care and receiving new orders 3. Nursing Process Terminology - Nursing process: Decision-making framework - Nursing diagnosis: Labels a problem resulting from medical diagnosis - Nursing goals: Overall direction to improve a problem - Expected outcomes: Statements of measurable patient actions 4. Five Steps of the Nursing Process - Assessment - Diagnosis - Planning - Implementation - Evaluation 5. Objective Data vs. Subjective Data - Objective data: Can be observed through senses of hearing, sight, smell, and touch - Subjective data: Information known only to the patient or family members 6. Primary Data vs. Secondary Data - Primary data: Information provided by the patient - Secondary data: Information obtained from family members, friends, and the patient’s chart 7. Common Types of Health Insurance Programs - Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) - Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) - Point of Service (POS) 8. Terminology Related to Ethics - Values: Related to a person’s belief of something’s worth; determine who the person is. May differ from others’ values - Ethics: Made up of the values that influence a person’s decisions and behavior. Partly determined by person’s morals 9. Terminology Related to Abuse or Violence - Abandonment: cessation of the nurse–patient relationship without notice or patient’s permission - Assault: purposely threatening physical harm - Battery: touching an individual without consent - Negligence: failure to provide same care that another person would provide under same circumstances 10. Empathy vs. Sympathy - Empathy: the ability to understand intellectually or emotionally the feelings of another person without actually experiencing or even agreeing with the person’s situation, thoughts, feelings, distress, or pain - Sympathy: sharing the feelings and distress of the other individual 11. Types of Unethical Behavior That Nurses Must Report - Impairment of nurse by alcohol, drugs, or severe fatigue - Diverting drugs by taking a patient’s meds - Known and suspected patient mistreatment or abuse - Fraudulent documentation - Unauthorized treatment outside scope of practice - Practicing without a license - Incompetence - Failure to follow physician’s orders - Failure to perform a necessary action 12. Ethical Issues Decided by Ethics Committees - Do not resuscitate orders - Organ transplantation - Life support - Artificial nutrition - Medical or nursing care issues [Show More]

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