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2022 Nursing_knowledge_Assessment_Practice_Exam Pediatrics (PEDS) Exit Hesi Exam Version 2 (V2): A+ Received ~All 55 Questions~ Brand New!!

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The nurse is giving preoperative instructions to a 14-year old female client who is scheduled for surgery to correct a spinal curvature. Which statement by the client best demonstrates that learning h... as taken place? - ANS D. I understand that I will be in a body cast and I will show you how you taught me to turn. To take the vital signs of a 4-month old child, which order will give the most accurate results? - ANS A. Respiratory rate, heart rate, then rectal temperature During routine screening at a school clinic, an otoscope examination of a child's ear reveals a tympanic membrane that is pearly gray, slightly bulging, and not movable. What action should the nurse take next? - ANS B. Ask the child if he/she has had a cold, runny nose, or any ear pain lately. Which restraint should be used for a toddler after a cleft palate repair? - ANS C. elbow restraints What preoperative nursing intervention should be included in the plan of care for an infant wi [Show More]

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