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The provider knows that climate change will impact the main health outcome for children by its impact on - ANSWER Foof productions The parent of a 3-year-old is concerned that the child may have au... tism. The provider completes a Modified Checklist for autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT) tool and the results indicate several areas of concern. What will the provider do? - ANSWER Refer the child to a behavioral specialist for further evaluation The provider learns that the mother of a 3-year-old child has been treated for depression for over 5 years. Which aspect of this child's development may be impacted? - ANSWER Speech and language A new client and family presents to the clinic to establish care. The provider collects information that identifiers family members and others living in the household, relationships with others outside the household, and any significant medical, behavioral and emotional conditions. which is the best tool to use to record this information? - ANSWER Ecomap The provider evaluates a school-age client whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than the 97th percentile. The provider is concerned and orders several laboratory test to evaluate this. Which diagnosis will the provider document for this visit? - ANSWER Obesity An established 2-year-old client presents to clinic today for a well-child visit and it is noted that the client's body mass index is below the 3rd percentile. the provider learns that the client does not have regular mealtimes and is allowed to carry a bottle of ice around at all times. Which diagnosis will the provider use for this problem? - ANSWER Parenting alteration A 10-week-old premature infant, who was not immunized before being discharged from the hospital, is seen for the first time in your office. What immunizations should the provider administer today? - ANSWER Haemophilus infuenzae type B, Diptheria-Tetanus_Pertussis, Hep B, inactivated Polio vaccine, rotavirus, pneumococcal An 8-month-old client has difficulty sleeping at night without being held by the parents. The provider understands that this is a result of - ANSWER Learned behavior A 6-year-old client cheats when playing video games with friends. the parents are worried about this behavior. How should the provider respond to the parents? - ANSWER Explain that the child is appropriate for the age What is the best intervention for the 2-month-old client, who on physical exam, is found to have a rigid and immobile Sagittarius suture? - ANSWER Immediate referral to a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon A 2-year-old client presents today with a diffuse, non pruritic, discrete, rose-colored maculopapular rash located on the trunk. The lesions measure 2 to 3 mm in diameter and fades on pressure. The provider learns that for the last 3 days the client had a temperature of 101 F and when the fever broke the rash appeared. What condition does this client most likely have? - ANSWER Rosella infantum If a mother becomes infected with rubella during pregnancy, how long after birth is the child considered contagious? - ANSWER 1 year A 5-year-old client recently tested positive for Bartoneela Henselae bacteria. what is the most likely condition and how is it treated? - ANSWER Cat-scratch disease and treat with antibiotics A 5-year-old client diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, who is actively receiving chemotherapeutic, is behind in her immunizations. Which vaccine is contraindicated in this patient? - ANSWER Measles, Mumps, Rubella Infants who were born prematurely should receive routine immunizations based on - ANSWER The immunization schedule as set by the CDC what are the key findings that differentiate new onset bacterial conjunctivitis from viral conjunctivitis from viral conjunctivitis - ANSWER Unilateral erythema, yellow-green purpled discharge, and matted eyelids What are the key findings that differentiate viral conjunctivitis from new onset bacterial conjunctivitis? - ANSWER Bilateral erythema, watery discharge and swollen eyelids What are the key findings that differentiate allergic conjunctivitis from viral conjunctivitis - ANSWER Bilateral erythema, stringy mucous discharge and prurience eyelids A 16-year-old client presents to the clinic c/o severe right eye pain and photophobia. during the visit it is discovered that the client wears contact lenses and for the last 2 nights had fallen asleep with them in. The Provider suspects the client has a corneal abrasion. to confirm this diagnosis what would the provider do? - ANSWER Fluorscein stain the right eye and examine eye with woods lamp the parent of a 5-year-old client diagnosed with asthma is unsure of what to for the child during an asthma attack. What should the provider explain to the parent? - ANSWER Immediately administer albuterol A healthy 7-year-old client suddenly develops a low-grade fever and a cough. On exam, wheezes are auscultated throughout all lung fields. what is the most likely diagnosis? - ANSWER Atypical pneumonia A 7-year-old client is diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia. the provider decides to treat the condition outside of the hospital. what medication is the best treatment option for this condition? - ANSWER amoxicillin A 3-year-old client has just been diagnosed with pertussis. the client lives in the home with 6-week-old sibling and a 4-week-old cousin. what should the provider do to prevent disease transmission? - ANSWER Order azithroycin 10mg/kg/day in a single dose daily for 5 days A 2-year-old client presents to the clinic and is immediately examined and fond to have a 101.3 F temperature. 70 breaths per minute, continuous strider and intercostal retractions. what is the best treatment for this client? - ANSWER Admit the child for inpatient hospitalization [Show More]

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