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Which of the following is not found in an adolescent with untreated Graves' disease? - ANSWER Tendefncy to gain weight easily A fifteen-year-old male patient reports a three-day history of sore thr... oat, fever, and malaise. Physical examination reveals pharyngitis, anterior cervical adenopathy, and an oral temperature of 101.6 degree Fahrenheit (38.7 degree Celsius). Which diagnostic test does a pediatric primary care nurse practitioner order next? - ANSWER rapid streptococcal antigen test The adolescent should be screened for Type 1 diabetes - ANSWER never What is one of the most important components of a presports participation physical exam? - ANSWER thorough history, including family medical history and past medical history What factors can negatively impact children's access to medical homes and adequate health care services? - ANSWER all of the above The nurse practitioner recognizes which of the following signs as indicators that baby is not receiving sufficient breastmilk from the mother? - ANSWER sleepiness, jaundice, decreased urine, and stool The sexual development of a fourteen-year-old girl is notably delayed. She is very short, slightly obese, and complains of constipation and fatigue. Her skin is sallow and coarse in texture, and her hair is brittle. Which of the following tests should be obtained? - ANSWER serum thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone ______children are less likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder than others. - ANSWER hispanic The most common form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is ____________. - ANSWER pauciarticular Indications for immediate dialysis in the pediatric patient is - ANSWER hypercalcemia An early adolescent patient is more likely to have regarding body image. - ANSWER Bipolar disease requires _____________ for successful treatment. - ANSWER lifetie medication The number one psychological disorder in the United States has been identified as _________. - ANSWER anxiety Weight loss, chronic diarrhea, anemia, and weakness in an adolescent are symptoms of _________. - ANSWER ulcerative colitis An immunocompromised four-year-old patient presents for his vaccinations. Which vaccination would you hold on this patient? - ANSWER MMR Bipolar disease is often diagnosed in ____________________. - ANSWER post puberty to early adulthood Biomedical issues that may create academic performance issues include - ANSWER fetal alcohol syndrome ___________ increases a child's risk of being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. - ANSWER exposure to maternal tobacco use The best way to screen for human papilloma virus in an adolescent female is - ANSWER Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be ___________. - ANSWER familial Eating disorders are - ANSWER more prevalent in females than males adolescents should be asked about depression and suicide risk annually - ANSWER The most common form of child abuse seen in pediatric primary care is - ANSWER fractures Children with disabilities are guaranteed a free and appropriate education by three federal laws: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, IDEA, and - ANSWER the Americans with Disabilities Act It is important to monitor _______ in an adolescent with inflammatory bowel disease? - ANSWER all of the above Which of the following medications should be avoided in a patient with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP - ANSWER aspirin The two primary sources of inflammatory bowel disease are _____________ and ____________. - ANSWER Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis An otherwise healthy two-year-old boy is brought to the emergency room with a four-week history of wheezing and persistent cough. Prior to the start of these symptoms, the parent recalls a coughing event that resolved spontaneously. Of the following the most likely diagnosis is: - ANSWER foreign body aspiration Which of the following is not a sign or symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism? - ANSWER frequent stooling Secondary epilepsy may occur at any age but is more likely to be found in __________________. - ANSWER infants and elderly Bipolar disease may be __________________. - ANSWER all of the above A fourteen-year-old child without a spleen is at increased risk for which of the following? - ANSWER bacterial infections A healthy eleven-year-old male had a Td booster two-year ago after stepping on a nail, but otherwise has had no immunizations since age six when his vaccinations were up to date. Which of the following vaccines would be indicated as a part of his well-child visit? - ANSWER Tdap The nurse practitioner sees a three-week-old infant in the clinic. Initial assessment findings show an infant with a 100.5 degree Fahrenheit rectal temperature, heart rate 120, respiratory rate 50. Upon physical exam no noted abnormalities are found. What would be the appropriate response of the primary care, clinic nurse practitioner? - ANSWER transport immediately to the ER Genu Varum is considered an abnormal condition when extreme knock knees continues - ANSWER extreme bowing continues after two years of age The reliving of a very personal, negative, or traumatic event, over and over again is known as ________________. - ANSWER post-traumatic stress disorder The parents of a twelve-year old are concerned about their daughter's fear of school. She is reluctant to go and will "come home early because she is sick." You suspect the patient suffers from ____________. - ANSWER school phobia Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have been found to have ___________. - ANSWER tourette's syndrome Possible side effects from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications include ____________. - ANSWER all of the above Which of the following is a very important question to ask during the history taking for a sports evaluation? - ANSWER has the child ever fainted or lost consciousness during exercise ___________ are the first line choice for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. - ANSWER long-acting stimulants type 1 diabetes begins when - ANSWER beta cell production fails Which of the following results would you most likely see in a child with a viral infection? - ANSWER leukopenia [Show More]

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