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1. A nurse is assessing language development in all the infants presenting at the doctor's office for well-child visits. At which age range would the nurse expect a child to verbalize the words "dad... a" and "mama"?  9 and 12 months 2. During the toddler stage, ages 2-3 years, a child will gain approximately how many pounds per year?  3-5 3. Development that proceeds from the inside out is called by which of the following terms?  proximodistal 4. Routine physical examinations on children include height, weight, vital signs, physical examination, vision and hearing screening, diet assessment, screening for alcohol and other drug use, and screening for which of the following?  scoliosis 5. A mother tells you that her 4-year-old child has begun to have night waking and has started thumb sucking again. Otherwise the child seems very healthy. From this brief history, your immediate response is:  “What changes have happened in your family or with your child?” 6. Using your knowledge of the Freudian stages of psychosexual development when caring for a child between the ages of 1 and 3 years, it would be most important for you to ask the caregivers about:  d. rituals used for elimination 7. To look into the ear of a child younger than 3 years old, the nurse would position the ear by pulling the auricle:  down and back 8. The very first sucking by an infant occurs because of:  d. an accidental reflex of rooting 9. Piaget believed that interactions with the environment caused people to organize patterns of thought called:  Schema 10. Which of the following statements best describes object permanence?  The infant realizes an object continues to exist even when out of sight. 11. A mother asks which developmental milestones she can expect when her baby is 6 months old. Which response by the nurse is the most appropriate?  Transfers objects from one hand to the other 12. While assessing the development of a 9-month-old infant, the nurse asks the mother if the child actively looks for toys when they are placed out of sight. Which developmental task is the nurse assessing this infant for?  Object permanence 13. When working with school-aged children, the nurse should keep in mind that these children will increase their weight by how many pounds per year?  3-5 [Show More]

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