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Frances Guide Qbank to Pass Your Adult-Gerontology Acute Care (AGACNP) Certification Exam Updated 2022

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Frances Guide Qbank to Pass Your Adult-Gerontology Acute Care (AGACNP) Certification Exam Updated 2022. 1. You want to get more funding for your hospital’s Rapid Response Team. How should you prese... nt this issue to the committee? a. Stress importance of the team (answer is worded as looking up evidence about how the team affects outcomes, like a meta-analysis) b. Describe how to improve and expand the team. 2. What is the best way for the AGACNP to get involved in policy making? a. Attend legislative days at the state capitol b. Join a hospital committee c. Write to your local congressman d. Review literature and give more in-services 3. What is the best way for the AGACNP to demonstrate and advocate for full scope of practice? a. Join a hospital committee b. Petition the government c. Bill for independent services d. Start your own practice 4. Which of the following is considered a high acuity role for the AGACNP? a. Primary care clinic b. Cardiology office c. Community health department d. Minute Clinic 5. What is the best way to advocate for gay and lesbian population in your area? a. Participate at a high state or national level b. Join a non-profit advocacy group c. Consider lobbying the government d. Start at your facility (answers are worded differently. One of them is “decrease bias in healthcare” and another is something like “create inservices in healthcare” and another is “obtain funding to increase access.” 6. Which of the following is most important to evaluate statistical significance when reviewing the literature? a. Consider the sample size b. Make sure the confidence interval is tight c. See if the p-value is less than the α-coefficient d. Determine the error rate (Answers are worded differently. “Ensure confounding variables were eliminated” & “P value is less than null hypothesis” were two of them. 7. When closing a practice, the NP is required to do all of the following except a. Give the pt adequate time to find another provider b. Keep all of the patient’s records for a minimum of five years c. Send a certified letter with a return receipt requested (this is for discharging/firing a patient from your practice) d. Provide names of other providers for future care 8. Which of the following components of an evidenced based research process is the most important for NP to participate in? a. Specifying methods of data collection b. Formulating the hypothesis c. Carefully reviewing the literature d. Formulating the research problem 9. A former pt of an NP is writing blog posts, sending emails, and distributing false, accusatory statements about the NP’s practice. Which of the following forms of defamation is this? a. libel b. slander 10. Can you tell the pt’s wife, for her protection, that her husband has HIV? No, not without his permission. 11. How can the ANCP prepare to get involved in future mass casualty event? Pre-enroll in disaster volunteer progra [Show More]

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