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Capstone Mental Health Assessment Final Exam 1. A nurse is discussing discipline techniques with the parent of a preschooler. Which of the following statements by the parent indicates an understand... ing of time-out as a form of discipline? "I place my child in time-out for 15 minutes when they misbehave." "I send my child to their room for the time-out period." "I make use of time-out after giving three warnings." "I use a kitchen timer to mark the end of the time-out period." 2. A nurse in a well-child clinic receives a phone call from the parent of an adolescent client. The parent states, "I think my son might try to kill himself." Which of the following statements by the parent is the priority for the nurse to investigate further? "I can hear him crying in the middle of the night." "He spends most of his time locked in his room." "He refuses to go to the movies with his friends." "I noticed several cutting marks on both of his arms." 3. A nurse is caring for an adult client who is receiving treatment for alcohol use disorder. The client is upset because his partner has refused to visit him in the treatment facility. Which of the following actions by the client should indicate to the nurse that the client is using regression as a defense mechanism? The client states that he has developed sudden hearing loss. The client states that his partner will not visit because they are too busy with their job. The client yells obscenities at the nurse. The client stomps his feet and throws objects o his bedside table 4. A nurse is admitting a client who has posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to a community mental health facility. Which of the following manifestations should the nurse expect when completing the admission assessment? Decreased startle response to loud noises Reports uninterrupted sleep of 10 to 12 hr each night Reluctance to discuss the event that precipitated the distress Reports feelings of acute distress that began 1 to 2 weeks ago [Show More]

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