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If a child has an allergy to neomycin with a anapylactic reaction what vaccine should you withhold? or an allergy to eggs or gelatin - ANSWER measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) what is an indication of ... bacterial meningitis? - ANSWER increased protein concentration, increased WBC, decreased glucose level, increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure normal HCT for a child - ANSWER 32 - 44% what can a child experience with a low HCT? - ANSWER tachycardia, lightheadedness, fatigue, dyspnea, pallor normal wbc for child - ANSWER 5,000 - 10,000 mm3 normal platelet for child - ANSWER 150,000-400,000 normal Hgb for child - ANSWER 9.5-14 g/dL normal prealbumin for child - ANSWER 15-33 mg/dL pavlik harness - ANSWER used for hip dysplasia in infants Remove only to take baths, place diapers under the harness straps, do not use products becuase can cause skin irritation, and do not adjust straps peritonitis - ANSWER inflammation of the peritoneum (membrane lining the abdominal cavity and surrounding the organs within it) abdominal distension, chills, irritability, restlessness scoliosis - ANSWER should expect to see a unilateral rib hump with hip flexion peristalis - ANSWER involuntary waves of muscle involves contractions of the smooth muscles that push the food toward the stomach what should you expect with a child following a perforated appendix repair? - ANSWER absence of peristalsis what to do following a lumbar puncture? - ANSWER apply topical analgesic 1 hr before, place client in prone or flat position for up to 12 hours after, encourage to drink extra fluids nursing interventions for a child with an epidural hematoma? - ANSWER neuro checks q15mins, avoid suctioning nares, implement seizure activity, position infant midline slightly elevated nursing interventions for a child scheudled for a wound debridement? - ANSWER apply topical ointment following hydrotherapy, apply gauze after therapy, administer an analgesic beforehand, and AVOID prophylactic antibiotic therapy who can sign consent? - ANSWER over 18 y/o, parent of a minor, or if under 18 and married can sign themselves nursing interventions for a child in a tonic clonic seizure. - ANSWER turn to side, no food or drink, nothing by mouth (meds) epinephrine - ANSWER treats anaphylaxis Prednisone - ANSWER treats severe inflammation Anti-inflammatory Diphenhydramine - ANSWER Benadryl, decreases allergic reaction Albuterol - ANSWER Bronchodilator, improves childs breathing ventricular septal defect - ANSWER nurse should expect to hear a loud harsh murmur due to the left to right shunting of blood coarction of the aorta (CoA) - ANSWER [Show More]

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