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1. What are the late signs of breathing compromise?: - Tracheal deviation - JVD 2. What are signs of ineffective breathing?: - AMS - Cyanosis, especially around the mouth - Asymmetric expansion... of chest wall - Paradoxical movement of the chest wall during inspiration and expiration - Use of accessory muscles or abdominal muscles or both or diaphragmatic breathing - Sucking chest wounds - Absent or diminished breath sounds - Administer O2 via NRB or assist ventilations with a bag-mask device, as indicated - Anticipate definitive airway management to support ventilation. 3. Upon initial assessment, what type of oxygen should be used for a pt breathing effectively?: A tight-fitting nonrebreather mask at 12-15 lpm. 4. What intervention should be done if a pt presents with effective circulation?: - Insert 2 large caliber IV's - Administer warmed isotonic crystalloid solution at an appropriate rate 5. What are signs of ineffective circulation?: - Tachycardia - AMS - Uncontrolled external bleeding - Pale, cool, moist skin - Distended or abnormally flattened external jugular veins - Distant heart sounds 6. What are the interventions for Effective/Ineffective Circulation?: - Control any uncontrolled external bleeding by: - Applying direct pressure over bleeding site - Elevating bleeding extremity - Applying pressure over arterial pressure points - Using tourniquet (last resort). - Cannulate 2 large-caliber IV's and initiate infusions of an isotonic crystalloid solution - Use warmed solution - Use pressure bags to increase speed of IVF infusion - Use blood administration tubing for possible administration of blood - Use rapid infusion device based on protocol - Use NS 0.9% in same tubing as blood product - IV = surgical cut-down, central line, or both. [Show More]

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